‘Alone’ S4E4 Recap: More Exhausted And Hungry Family Members Reunite [Spoilers]

On the latest Alone episode, titled “The Last Mile,” the hikers continued to struggle through the unforgiving terrain of Vancouver Island. Chris and Brody Wilkes reunited on the previous episode, but back at the three remaining base camps, everyone is wondering how much longer it will take for their family members to reach them. According to Monsters and Critics, this was a “highly emotional episode” as the families begin to come together, and now as a team, they can work together in order to ensure their survival on the island.

Five teams left the competition within the very first week, but the remaining four seem determined to stick it out, no matter how tough a situation they find themselves in. Jim Baird is trying to make his way to his brother, Ted, as quickly as possible, but exhaustion forces him to stop. Only after he sets up his temporary shelter does he realize he could be in danger. Jim discovers mountain lion scat nearby, and he notices a trail that the predator is most likely using. He’s too tired to move and makes the risky decision to stay put for the night.

While drying himself by the fire, he realizes the creature is silently observing him. Instantly, he starts yelling and races toward the mountain lion, which, fortunately for him, frightens the big cat away. At the end of the episode, he still hasn’t made it to his brother yet, but if he can keep going, he should make it during the next episode, titled “Double or Nothing.”


The first couple to reconnect on the ninth day are Brooke and Dave Whipple. After an emotional reunion, Brooke shows her husband the shelter she made, calling it “the hobbit hole.” Dave is impressed and finally gets an opportunity to rest from his grueling trek through the forest. Brooke jokingly tells him he can rest after he catches some fish and cuts more firewood. They are clearly thrilled to be together again, but a preview of next week’s episode hints that something happens to Brooke that requires her to call out for Dave’s help. Perhaps she’s just excited that she caught a large fish or made a great find that could help them out and is nothing serious.

Pete and Sam Brockdorff find each other on the same day, and the father-and-son duo spend an emotional moment hugging it out. Pete told Sam that he thought everyone would tap out and couldn’t believe Sam made it to him. Later, during a personal interview, he goes on to say he knew Sam wouldn’t quit and that his son was “a tough guy.” After adding that he loved Sam a lot, he begins to get emotional again and struggles to hold back the tears. The close bond these two have should serve them well in the tough days to come.


Chris and Brody Wilkes weren’t featured on this episode, and the Hattiesburg American shared that despite suffering a small mishap where Brody slipped and slightly tweaked his knee, he was able to push through and reach his partner first. These two brothers know their stuff when it comes to surviving in the wild, and it will be interesting to see what their plan is for sticking it out and becoming the last team standing on Vancouver Island.

On the next episode of Alone, the reunited teams will begin working on how they are going to not just survive, but to thrive. Even though they are together, it doesn’t necessarily mean their situations will drastically improve. Procuring food will undoubtedly be their top priority, perhaps a team or two may even move camp in order to locate a more hospitable area if there is such a place on the island. For Jim Baird, he still has a difficult, mountainous climb to make before reaching his brother, and it will all come down to whether he has the stamina to continue on.

Are you a fan of the show? Do you think Jim Baird will make it to his brother? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Alone airs every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on the History Channel.

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