Ian McKellen Does Not Have Cancer, Agent Says

Sir Ian McKellen does not have prostate cancer, according to his agent.

ABC News reports the actor’s rep recently addressed growing concerns about his client’s well-being. Chris Andrews is assuring everyone that the star of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is in fine health.

“No, he does not have prostate cancer. That was taken out of context and from an interview from years ago,” Andrew explained.

The agent went on to say McKellen wouldn’t be out promoting his return to Middle Earth if he was as sick as reports suggested.

The cancer concerns were also debunked by CLD Communications, the company that represents Ian McKellen. A spokesperson said the actor’s comments were taken completely out of context.

“I’ve had prostate cancer for six or seven years,” the acclaimed actor told the Mirror in a recent interview. “When you have got it you monitor it and you have to be careful it doesn’t spread. But if it is contained in the prostate it’s no big deal.”

The actor added that, while he still has cancer, it is currently not life-threatening.

The folks at Worst Preview believe Andrews could be attempting to diminish McKellen’s health problems in order to safeguard his career. Since insurance companies may not be willing to cover an actor with a potentially fatal disease, finding work while battling cancer could prove difficult.

While his agent is anxious to downplay any health-related rumors, McKellen seemed more than willing to discuss the issue with the Mirror. The X-Men alum explained he isn’t overly concerned about having prostate cancer.

“I have heard of people dying from prostate cancer, and they are the unlucky ones, the people who didn’t know they had got it and it went on the rampage. But at my age if it is diagnosed its not life threatening,” he said.

Are you fan of Sir Ian McKellen? Are you troubled by rumors that the actor is suffering from cancer?

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