‘Chrisley Knows Best’ In Turmoil As Details About Todd Chrisley’s Bankruptcy And Ex-Wife Abuse Emerge

The stars of Chrisley Knows Best have been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late, and now, this latest shocker suggests that their drama will only continue.

As many of the fans of the show already undoubtedly know, Todd Chrisley — the patriarch of the Chrisley Knows Best family — isn’t as rich as he purports to be.

And now, according to People Magazine, we’ve found out exactly why Todd isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.

In a comprehensive article entitled “Bankruptcy, Cancer and Estrangement: The Many Obstacles the Chrisley Family Has Faced Over the Years,” the outlet made sure to detail what exactly happened in 2012 when Todd Chrisley filed for bankruptcy.

“Bankruptcy documents show outrageous spending and spiraling debt. After several lawsuits and judgments against Chrisley in the past decade, he finally filed a petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in August 2012. Although he listed more than $4.2 million in assets, his debts totaled a whopping $49.4 million. After a large business investment went bad, Chrisley found himself in a financial hole.”

And there’s more from the same article that gives us cause to pause on Chrisley Knows Best.

For example, while Todd Chrisley claims to be the perfect family man, previous reports show that Savannah — who is in the news, as of late, for her dating life — got into a bad crash, and was accused of texting and driving. What’s more, she was in the news around the same time for a horrible breakup she endured from Blaire Hanks after two years of being together.

Hanks told Hollywood Life that he was furious at Savannah for making their breakup so public.

“Blaire is upset with Savannah for putting their breakup on blast, he thinks she’s doing it for attention. He’s very bitter right now.”

What’s more, Savannah posted a video for all the world to see her trauma and drama, and that made Blaire even more furious.

And there’s more Chrisley Knows Best drama to behold, specifically from Lindsie and Kyle, Todd’s two children from a previous marriage.

Lindsie, as we all know, left the show, and Kyle hasn’t been seen because of his addiction to drugs (though, in a previous report for the Inquisitr, we reported that he claims to now be clean and sober).

But there’s something that most people don’t know about Todd Chrisley: namely, his ex-wife and the mother of Lindsie and Kyle, named Teresa Terry.

And she’s made some explosive allegations against her ex-husband — namely, according to The Daily Mail, that he was abusive in a pretty horrible way.

“Chrisley is accused of waging a ‘campaign of mental and physical abuse,’ of ‘battering’ his ex-wife multiple times, once with ‘his closed fist’ after stripping her naked. In a string of allegations, all hotly contested by Chrisley, it is claimed that he wielded a knife and threatened to kill her and that, on one occasion, she witnessed him beating his own mother.”

These are pretty explosive allegations to make against the Chrisley Knows Best star, and needless to say, it would also explain why Kyle and Lindsie are now estranged from their father.

What do you think of these latest Chrisley Knows Best allegations?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]