Hugh Grant Calls Donald Trump Jr. A ‘W****r’

Hugh Grant is no stranger to controversy, and he proved just that when he called Donald Trump Jr. a “w****r.” Grant tweeted a photo of the son and namesake of the President of the United States holding a tail of an elephant, which he had apparently cut off with a knife.

The photo, which Grant posted on Twitter last Tuesday, shows a smiling Trump Jr. dressed in hunting gear while holding a knife with his right hand and raising the elephant’s tail with his left. To his left is the elephant he apparently shot and killed. The rifle which Trump Jr. likely used to hunt the creature leans on the dead animal.

Grant, star of Notting Hill, Four Weddings and A Funeral, and Love Actually, added a caption to the controversial photo. The tweet included a popular British insult which Grant is apparently using to describe Trump Jr.

“Americans ask me to define the British word “W….r.”

According to the Daily Mail, the photo was taken during a hunting trip in 2010. Trump Jr. and his brother Eric were in Zimbabwe to hunt wild animals. Aside from the elephant, Trump Jr. and his brother killed a leopard. Donald Jr. and Eric gamely carried the dead leopard as the two were photographed smiling. Salisbury Journal reported that the Trump brothers also killed a buffalo during the hunting trip.


The hunting trip first gained attention in 2015 after actress Mia Farrow shared photographs of the Trump brothers with their kill. Farrow, who was enraged with the killing of Cecil the Lion, posted the photograph along with a caption castigating the Trump brothers.


The beloved Cecil was killed by a dentist named Walter Palmer during a hunting trip also in Zimbabwe. The Trump sons’ Zimbabwe hunting trip, meanwhile, was organized by Hunting Legends, which claimed that the hunt was “completely legal.”

Trump Jr. also defended himself at the time saying that his love for hunting was not a PR move and that the photographs did not come from him. Trump Jr. also stressed that he wasn’t ashamed of hunting wild animals.


Trump Jr. is feeling the heat not only for killing innocent wild animals but for his alleged involvement with the Russians. Trump Jr. recently posted a series of emails on Twitter which some suggest proves that the Trump presidential campaign got some support from the Russian government. His efforts to be transparent, however, are seen by some as another nail driven into the coffin of the Trump presidency.

The president took to Twitter to defend his son. He called Trump Jr. “a high-quality person.” Trump also said, “I applaud his transparency.” Of course, the tweet received some backlash because of the strange phrase Trump used to praise his son.


[Featured Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images/Laureus]