Lady Gaga’s Little Sister Steps In Front Of The Camera For Photo Spread

Lady Gaga may have to scoot aside a bit to make room in the spotlight for her little sister.

Natali Germanotta, the 20-year-old younger sibling of the wildly popular (and sometimes controversial) entertainer, is making a stylish entrance into public view.

The Daily Mail reports that Germanotta took part in a high-end fashion editorial for digital magazine The Parsons fashion student can be seen sporting designs by the likes of designers Alaia, J Mendel, and Proenza Schouler in the 1950s Italian cinema inspired pictures.

Family resemblance aside, the shoot also has another tie to Lady Gaga. Yahoo! News writes that the photo spread takes place at Joanne Trattoria, an Italian restaurant whose proprietors happen to be the Germanotta family. Located on The Upper West Side and counting Natali among its employees, the dining spot has been plagued by unflattering reviews but has remained quite busy throughout the Fall season.

While big sis Lady Gaga graces news headlines on a nearly daily basis, Natali has managed to keep a fairly quiet profile from the public eye. That may be poised to changed.

Contact Music reports:

“For Natali these shots were perhaps her most high profile modelling shots yet, the fashion student having previously appeared in Teen Vogue and Interview. We’re pretty sure that she won’t be staying under the radar for much longer though, not after these amazing pictures.”

You can also catch Natali strutting her stuff in the 2010 music video for Gaga’s “Telephone,” her collaboration with fellow music titan Beyonce.

Are you a fan of Lady Gaga’s little sister?