Kendall Jenner And Bella Hadid Show Off Super Toned Bodies During London Pride Parade

Models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid made sure to make their presence known at the 2017 London Pride Parade.

The pair posed in crop-top shirts as they displayed their toned stomachs during the annual gathering. The friends can be seen with their arms around one another as they show off their rainbow-colored hats in support of London’s Pride festival.

Bella, 20, shared the snap to her Instagram account this past weekend. Her photo received almost one million likes and generated comments such as “perfect body” from her dedicated fan base.

Other Instagram users left emoji hearts and rainbows on the post as they showed support for Jenner and Hadid. While most people left positive messages, including several comments calling the girls “gorgeous,” a few social media users were not so friendly.

One person stated it seems as though Bella and 21-year-old Kendall are attempting to stay relevant by attending big events, such as the London Pride parade.

“Always making appearances at all the hottest things going on in the world. Gotta try and stay relevant I guess.”

Another commenter simply left the word “disgusting” on Hadid’s post as they shared their opinion on the models. It seems other Instagram users share this sentiment as they believe Bella and Kendall had the photo edited to make them appear slimmer.

“You two are so ridiculous… stop photo shopping your pictures. I swear I thought this was the walking dead parade.”

Entertainment Tonight reported on Hadid and Jenner’s busy July as they both walked in a few Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week shows prior to attending the London Pride Parade.

It seems the runway models enjoyed their stay in Europe as they quickly jetted off to Greece together following their stay in London, according to ET.

“After their British festivities, the two models traveled to Greece for a beach party with a massive group of friends on Sunday.”

Despite being busy with work and social activities, both women took to Instagram to share glimpses of their Europe stay with fans. Kendall posted a candid shot of her and Bella cozying up together after the London Pride Parade.

Jenner used the emoji symbol for “see no evil” to caption the image, which received over 2.1 million likes.

It’s not only her European adventures with Bella that have people talking, though. Kenny has been making headlines lately as she shares her NSFW modeling images to social media.

Several days before her toned crop-top picture with Hadid was posted, Jenner uploaded one of herself posing in a sheer bra and black underwear.

In this image, Kendall looks very slim as she displays her tiny waist and thigh gap. Her fans also noticed how thin she appears as they shared their concern in the comment section.

“Love you girl but [your weight] is concerning.”

Another user suggested it was extreme photo editing that made Jenner appear so slender in the black and white image.

“She is beautiful but I think that the photoshop In this pic is extreme.”

However, it doesn’t seem as if any negative comments are keeping Kendall or Bella down as both models continue to enjoy their time together.

[Featured Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]