‘The Originals’ Season 5: Paul Wesley Discusses Stefan Salvatore Appearance

While there is a strong chance that Candice King will appear in The Originals Season 5, the same cannot be said for Paul Wesley. The actor, who played Stefan Salvatore for eight seasons on parent show The Vampire Diaries, has spoken out about the chances of reprising his role. They are very slim, especially considering the ending to the TVD series finale.

Speaking to TV Guide, Wesley shared that Stefan has been laid to rest and doesn’t think the character will appear in The Originals Season 5. He went on to say that he doesn’t think he will take up a role on a supernatural show for the time being, as he wants to focus on doing something different. The actor has taken a step behind the camera during TVD and took on director roles for The Shadowhunters shortly after leaving the vampire show.

Stefan doesn’t have the strongest connection to any of the Mikaelsons to bring him back to the show. While he did have a connection to Klaus and Rebekah, the strength of that connection has diminished over the years. The stronger characters to appear would be Caroline and Alaric, as they run the magical boarding school that Hope is now at.

Matt Davis, who played Alaric on The Vampire Diaries, appeared in two episodes of The Originals Season 4. One of those episodes was the Season 4 finale, as Hayley brought Hope to the school. They discussed how Hope wouldn’t just learn how to control her powers, but feel like she fits into a world that is mostly comprised of normal mortals.

Klaroline fans are more hopeful that Caroline will appear. Many fans want to see Caroline and Klaus together since Klaus did promise to be Caroline’s last love. With Season 5 coming to Mystic Falls, there are certainly many possibilities that Caroline will now appear and have some onscreen time with Klaus.

Another thing against Wesley’s character is that Stefan is dead. He sacrificed himself in the series finale, making sure Katherine was destroyed with the hellfire. Although Damon and Elena eventually died, fans presume that they had years (and maybe decades) together before they went to their afterlives. Stefan was the only casualty of the final battle in Mystic Falls, and it wouldn’t make sense to bring him back.

Wesley fans will need to wait a while for him to pick up another project. He was last spotted on the Shadowhunters set, directing “Day of Atonement.” The episode will air on July 17, but Entertainment Weekly was lucky enough to get behind-the-scene photos of the Shadowhunters Season 2 episode.

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