‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: What Would It Take For Jessica To Save Herself Post-Cody?

The Big Brother 19 houseguests have managed to create a lot of drama so far this season, and Cody has been at the center of most of it. Granted, circumstances is part of the reason, but his less than charming personality is definitely playing a big role in that. Jessica is his showmance, and apparently, has decided to be his ride or die.

The first time Big Brother fans realized that Cody might be lacking in the area of a social game, he was in a room with Paul. Each houseguest had the chance to tell Paul why they deserved a Friendship Bracelet. Cody took his seat, and there were crickets. Nothing. Not even decent eye contact. He went on to become the HOH for the worst week in Big Brother history. Before the eviction took place, he had to name a third of the house to take a seat on the block. Think about that. Over the course of a normal week, the HOH names two or three. It may not sound like much of a difference but, every name he called learned that he was their adversary, not ally.

Jessica has stood by Cody through it all, even when she would say that his gameplay was hurting her personal game. She became guilty by association and stood up for Cody, no matter how wild the ride got. This week, with Paul in power, Cody on the block and wearing V-Toad suits, the two have self-isolated from the rest of the house. Instead of spending this time to mend relationships and try to build bridges, Jessica has chosen to stand by her man.


When Cody is evicted on Thursday, Jessica better be ready to compete for her life in the Head of Household competition. Winning the power in the house for a week would be her only sure way to stay. According to Buddy TV, there is another scenario that may work for her. If Alex, Ramses or Jason were to win the HOH, they may target some of the more hardcore Big Brother players.


Jessica would have really helped herself if she had spent some time over the last week, and possibly the week before, with the other houseguests. A big part of Big Brother 19 is the social game. A player can win the game without ever having been HOH, but no one wins that doesn’t have alliances and friends in the house.

Can Jessica turn this around and continue in the Big Brother 19 game? Do you think she has basically self-evicted without having walked out the door? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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