Sports Venues Are The Most Popular Place For Facebook Check-Ins

Facebook Check-Ins are a popular form of location based service, and sports fans are its most frequent users. According to a recent statistical analysis, sports venues account for the lions share of Facebook check-ins.

The study specifically found that Major League Baseball fans love to use Facebook check-ins.

Facebook revealed on Wednesday that San Francisco’s AT&T park was the third-most popular check-in location. The only two locations in the United States to feature more check-ins are Times Square and Disneyland.

Following just behind the top three were Yankee Stadium, Rangers Ballpark, Fenway Park, and Dodger Stadium. Rounding out the top 10 were Universal Studios Wrigley Field and Angel Stadium.

Sports venues do have the added bonus of attracting tens of thousands of fans per game. Baseball also tends to have more lulls during play then other sports, which could be contributing to the added mobile use at games.

Baseball fans could also be using Facebook check-in more frequently because baseball tends to be a more social game in which fans love to talk about the stadiums they visit. For example, Wrigley Field is a place of worship among many fans; in turn, they will check-in even if just standing outside a non-game day, closed stadium.

Furthermore, baseball stadiums are often double event arenas in that they are used for concerts and sports; plus the baseball season is 162-games, which leads to more chances at a Facebook check-in.

Facebook Check-In is still trailing Foursquare in terms of possibility but apparently not in terms of sports fans.