Wiz Khalifa Is Apparently Fine With His Ex-Wife’s New Relationship

Amber Rose and rapper 21 Savage have been involved in a high-profile relationship recently that has been an ongoing topic throughout the world of social media.

Recently, TMZ caught up to Amber’s baby father Wiz Khalifa and asked him his thoughts on his ex’s new man and their relationship.

Wiz, of course, had a response, but shockingly had nothing but a positive and pleasant outlook on the situation.

“He’s an alright guy, he’s a good kid, everything that I know about him.”

The TMZ reporter then asks if everything was all good and if there was no ill-will toward 21. Wiz then responded and said “yeah.”

Wiz and Amber Rose began dating during 2011 around the time of the release of his debut album “Rolling Papers.” They eventually wound up getting married two years later and also had their son Sebastion during the same year.

After a little over a year of marriage, Rose filed for divorce from Khalifa over irreconcilable differences. There were many rumors spread about Wiz’s infidelity issues.

One incident, in particular, that seemed to lead to the eventual split between the two was when Wiz was reportedly caught by Amber with two twins in the home the former couple used to share together.

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Since then, Amber has been rumored to date guys such as Chris Brown and Nick Cannon. However, none of those rumors were ever confirmed, despite a video that once surfaced of Amber twerking on Brown.

Apparently, Rose has found new love with 21 Savage. Their relationship has seemed to get more serious as of late, as Rose has gone as far as introducing him to her family.

Recently, on the radio station The Real 92.3, Savage wasn’t shy about sharing his opinions on Amber’s ex-husband and how he felt about their situation.

“Wiz a great father. I’m not trying take nothing away from what Wiz do. But if you gon’ be with a woman, you have to accept her child just like she’s gonna have to accept my kids. But I’m not on no step daddy-type s**t or no s**t like that. He cool though.”

The mutual respect between the two artists is something that Rose is not familiar with. In 2011, when Amber and Wiz decided to go public, her former boyfriend Kanye West did not take it to well and even took the time to throw subliminal jabs at Khalifa on wax.

So, for Rose, this time the transition into a new relationship seems to be going much smoother than the last time around.

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