Fans Think They Have Discovered Joy-Anna Duggar’s Half Sister-In-Law

Duggar fan forums were recently abuzz with talk about one person pictured at Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s May wedding. This person, who fans think is Austin’s half-sister, has caused excitement as very little is known about her.

Austin and Joy-Anna Duggar had an evening surprise wedding at an Arkansas church. The wedding date was not revealed before the big day. Images from the wedding that were later splashed on the web and social media were scrutinized by some fans, who noticed that in at least one image, one woman posed for the cameras with the newly weds and the Forsyth family. Fan discussion on Tumblr pages suggests the woman’s daughter was the flower girl at Joy-Anna’s wedding.

Soon, fans learned the identity of the woman and found links to Austin’s father, Terry Forsyth. With his wife Roxanne Forsyth and their children Austin and Meagan, Terry runs the Old-West themed Fort Rock Family Camp in Arkansas, which the Duggars frequent. In fact, it was rumored earlier that Joy-Anna could tie knot at the camp. Besides references to the family camp and connections to Arkansas, fans found posts on the woman’s Facebook page suggesting that she could be Terry’s daughter and Austin’s half-sister.

The woman was identified as Rachael Forsyth Tunstill, who lives in Alabama with her husband and children. A few images were also shared by her from Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding.

Though details of the relationship remain unknown as Rachael was not seen on Duggar family’s shows, her Facebook timeline provides enough references to suggest she is Terry’s daughter. Duggar fans found a post from 2011 that shows Terry at her Alabama home. In the comments section of the post, Rachael refers to Terry as “dad”.

In another post from a year after the above image was shared, Rachael informed that her father owns a family camp while providing a link to Fort Rock website. The post suggested Rachael and her family were visiting Arkansas.

In response to her post’s describing Arkansas during her visit, a friend asked Rachael to say “hello” to her step-mom and dad.

The finding of a Forsyth family member who remains unknown to fans has excited and prompted them to learn more about Rachael Tunstill. As Counting On features how Joy-Anna Duggar’s relationship progressed as her wedding neared in its current season, fans wonder if the Forsyths would let them know the details of the relationship with Rachael. On tonight’s episode of the TLC show, Austin is expected to pop the question to Joy-Anna.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]