Facebook Changes Privacy Tools, For The Better

Facebook has changed its privacy tools again, allowing users to have better control over the content that the put on the social networking site.

The major updates include new privacy shortcuts, as well as more control over where content will appear on the site, reports BBC. There are also new ways of removing tags from photos and having them taken down.

Facebook states that the changes are part of their continued work to help users manage the content that is uploaded on the site. Some are speculating that the new privacy tools are a precursor to the rumored launch of a search engine. Facebook’s chief privacy officer, Erin Egan, stated:

“We don’t want our users to be surprised. We want everyone to understand how they can control their information and have the best experience. It is part of our goal to be better, we constantly want to improve.”

Reuters notes that the Facebook privacy tools changes started rolling out on Wednesday. The new tools will help users determine more quickly who has access to information, pictures, and videos about them through a new privacy “shortcut” on the top right-hand corner of the website.

The privacy shortcut also lets users control who can contact them and will block specific people. The latest changes in the network’s privacy settings will likely be less criticized than previous ones, because of the ease of access to the new shortcut. Sam Lessin, Facebook’s Director of Product, stated that the changes are designed to put users’ minds at ease with the networking site. Lessin added:

“When users don’t understand the concepts and controls and hit surprises, they don’t build the confidence they need.”

With improvements to the network’s Activity Log, users will now have the ability to look at all information that involves them on Facebook. The website will also be changing how third-party applications, like games, get permission to access a user’s data.

Are you happy with Facebook’s changes to its privacy tools?