Major Details Regarding AJ Styles’ US Title Win Revealed, When Was The Decision Made For Him To Win?

On Friday night, AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens to become the United States Champion during a WWE live event at Madison Square Garden. The WWE Universe was anticipating the rematch between them for WWE Battleground in a few weeks, but the powers that be made the decision for the title change this weekend. It’s being reported that Styles’ title win came to fruition for a much bigger reason than just for the shock value.

There has been some speculation that Kevin Owens suffered an injury, so WWE officials were forced to pull the trigger on the title change. That remains unconfirmed as of now, but there are some other explanations going around regarding the shocking US Title victory for AJ Styles. For instance, WWE is hard at work on a DVD release chronicling Styles’ career. The US Title win may have been one more big moment for the DVD.

Another idea going around is WWE officials booked the US Title change as a reaction to ticket sales for the event at Madison Square Garden on Friday night. Typically, any WWE live event at the venue will sell out in a flash, but there is some speculation that the event didn’t sell out this weekend. As a result, WWE officials booked the title change to show that anything can happen during a WWE live event, especially at Madison Square Garden.

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Apparently, it was a last minute decision for Owens to drop the United States Championship to AJ Styles at the show. The WWE Universe has many theories going around at the moment, but WWE officials may have seen their match in Madison Square Garden as the perfect storm. If Owens is hurting, Styles’ needs another big moment for his DVD, and the fans need to be surprised, one big title change accomplishes all their goals.

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The WWE Universe wants to know the real reason why Styles was given the United States Title, but the fans also want to know what’s coming next. As of this writing, there isn’t a match being advertised for the title at the WWE Battleground PPV. That will likely be addressed this week on SmackDown Live, but it seems that WWE officials have changed their creative plans for the US Title heading into the WWE Summerslam.

On paper, WWE fans should expect the Owens vs. Styles rivalry to continue over the United States Title for the next few weeks. If the powers that be are thinking beyond the WWE Battleground PPV, then Styles’ title win is part of a bigger plan. The only thing the fans can do right now is to wait and see what happens next.

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