Prince Harry Looking For Houses In Hollywood With Meghan Markle And Ready To Leave England, Report Claims

Prince Harry could be looking to make a big move, with reports that he and girlfriend Meghan Markle are looking at homes in the Hollywood Hills as the fifth in line to the throne of England could be prepared to leave the royal life behind.

There have been recent reports that Prince Harry is planning to propose to his actress girlfriend, a plan that may not be going well with the entire royal family. According to a report from OK Magazine, Queen Elizabeth was wary about Prince Harry marrying an American — and a divorced one, at that — and did not give her approval.

“It’s awful,” a source told the outlet. “Harry is now faced with the choice between his country and the woman he loves.”

But the source said Prince Harry is “tired of putting everything but himself first” and wasn’t going to give up on the relationship without a fight. That could ultimately mean leaving the royal life behind to marry Meghan Markle, something the source said he was prepared to do.

There could be more evidence that Prince Harry is prepared to leave all of England behind. Radar Online reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been house hunting in Hollywood Hills, where the two would live so Meghan can continue her acting work. The report claimed that Prince Harry would be able to do his job from anywhere in the world, though Meghan would essentially have to leave her acting life behind to move to London.

Prince Harry Looking For Houses In Hollywood, Report Claims

There have been some growing signs that Prince Harry may be yearning to lead a more common life. In a recent interview with Newsweek, Prince Harry said he has no real desire to serve as King of England but has kept up with his royal duties out of a sense of obligation.

With Prince Harry now fifth in line to the throne — and moving further if his brother Prince William and wife Kate Middleton were to have any more children — it’s growing less and less likely he would ever be on the throne.

The Radar Online report noted that there had been rumors that Meghan Markle could be moving into Kensington Palace with Prince Harry if the two were to get married, but those plans appear to have changed now that the two are looking to move to Hollywood. It was not clear if Queen Elizabeth’s lack of approval could have something to do with it.

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