Tax-Free Holidays 2017: These States Will Offer Tax Exempt Merchandise For Back-To-School Shoppers

Tax-free holidays are a big deal, especially for parents who want to save money on back-to-school shopping. Although most children won’t head back to class until August or September, it’s never too early to score a bargain on clothing, computers, and school supplies. And, if you live in one of the 15 states listed below, you will be able to buy many items on your list without paying sales tax.

In years past, tax-free holidays spanned an entire weekend in almost every state across the nation. This summer, only 15 states are participating, with Penny Hoarder reporting that the state of Alabama will kick off the first round of tax-free weekends.

Of note, if you live in Massachusetts, the tax holiday will not be offered this year. In fact, only one state in New England is participating in the program: Connecticut.

However, if a trip to New Hampshire is in your plans this summer, Bankrate reports that the Granite State does not charge sales tax on retail purchases. That means every day is a tax-free holiday.

According to the Rhode Island Department of Revenue, clothing and shoes are not taxed year-round, but there are some exceptions.

Outside New England, there is no sales tax collected in Oregon, Delaware, and Montana, so you can shop tax-free anytime you want.

Here’s a list of states that are offering the tax holiday incentive to shoppers during July and August, courtesy of the Penny Hoarder.

Keep in mind, the rules in each state vary as far as what you can buy. There are also limits to how much you can spend. The dollar amount shown is the maximum amount you can spend per item unless otherwise noted.

School shopping tax free
Tax-free school shopping [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

July 21 – 23

Alabama — School supplies ($50), clothing and shoes ($100), computers ($750), and books ($30).

July 28 – 29

Mississippi — Clothing and shoes ($100)

July 28 – 30

Tennessee — Clothing and shoes ($100), school supplies ($100), computers ($1,500)

August 4 – 5

Iowa — Clothing and shoes ($100)
See here for a list of eligible and non-eligible items.

Louisiana — The sales tax rate is lowered to 3 percent on the first $2,500 spent on eligible items. Find a list of items you can purchase tax-free on the Louisiana Department of Revenue website.

August 4 – 6

Florida — Clothing and shoes ($60), school supplies ($15), computers ($750).

Missouri — Clothing and shoes ($100), school supplies ($50) computers ($1,500).

New Mexico — Clothing and shoes ($100), school supplies ($30), computers ($1,000)

Ohio — Clothing and shoes ($75), school supplies ($20), school instructional materials ($20).

Oklahoma — Clothing and shoes ($100)

South Carolina — Clothing and shoes, school supplies, computers.
Find a list of eligible items on the South Carolina’s DOR website.

Virginia — Clothing and shoes ($100), school supplies ($20).

Aug. 5 – 6

Arkansas — Clothing and shoes ($100), school supplies (no limit).

Aug. 11 – 13

Texas — Clothing and shoes ($100), school supplies ($100).

Aug. 13 – 19

Maryland — Clothing and shoes ($100)

Aug. 20 – 26

Connecticut — Clothing and shoes ($100)

School shopping tax free
Back-to-school shopping [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty]

Will you be taking advantage of the tax-free holiday this year?

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