That’s It for “Team Kim”

Kim Kardashian turned on the waterworks after getting ejected from last night’s Dancing with the Stars, which also happened to be the five-year anniversary of her father’s death. Erg. Couldn’t they have given her a break (she’s gotten enough in life, why not one more?) and just sent Cloris Leachman home this week? I’m not a Kim fan, but it seemed kind of cruel. It’s no surprise that she took the news badly:

“Once the cameras were off Kardashian rushed to the waiting arms of her family and immediately broke down into tears. Kardashian’s publicist followed the inconsolable bombshell around the press line with a box of Kleenex since, once the waterworks started, there was no stopping the outpouring of genuine emotion.”

Kim told us today on her blog that “I will never ever forget this journey. I have made friends I know will be in my life forever now! I wouldn’t have given up the experience for the world!”

The good news is that we’ll be spared from covers like this. Yippee! No more “keeping my curves,” size wars, and skinny talk. For now, anyway.