‘Storage Wars’: Emails And Receipts Allegedly Prove The Show Is Rigged

The Storage Wars scandal took another interesting twist on Wednesday. Sources allegedly close to the show told Radar Online that saved emails and receipts prove that items were planted in storage lockers and scenes were “faked.” Intentionally leading reality show cast members into preplanned drama is not an earth-shattering revelation, but claims about the show being rigged is likely to negatively impact ratings.

Storage Wars is reportedly the most popular program in A&E history. The show source also maintains that the reality show producers were so “brazen” about allegedly planting items inside storage lockers during the first season than both cast and crew members witnessed the fakery during taping.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Storage Wars star Dave Hester initiated a multi-million dollar lawsuit against A&E claiming that the reality show producers routinely rig the episodes by putting valuable and unique items inside the storage lockers, US Magazine notes. Minor cast member Mark Balelo was allegedly poised to replace Hester on the show, but reports of prior arrests recently came to light might put a damper on the supposed deal for more air time.

The Radar Online source had this to say about the alleged receipts and emails that prove Storage Wars is rigged:

“There are invoices, checks and other documentation where the production company actually compensated cast members for supplying items that were planted in the lockers and then ‘discovered’ on camera. There are emails to certain cast members about items. Certain cast members then sent the production company invoices for items they ‘discovered’ on camera that match the story lines – items they already owned. And then there are checks where those cast members were reimbursed for the items they planted that were discovered on camera.”