Malia Obama Cuts A Rug In The Hamptons With Secret Service Looming

Malia Obama turns 19 and what a difference a year can make

Malia Obama was spotted in the Hamptons this past weekend celebrating her 19th birthday with friends at one of Montauk’s hot spots. She’s the Obama daughter that came into this world with fireworks, as Malia was born on the holiday, the Fourth of July.

A witness, who Page Six refers to as “a spy,” watched from afar as Malia danced with friends and was remarkably “normal” and “down to earth.” She was just like any other 19-year-old teen in the crowd. Malia, who has been spotted in New York City clubs during her past year as an intern in the Big Apple, kept her birthday party low-key, said the witness.

The former president’s eldest daughter and her friends kept requesting they turn up the volume of the music while dancing, as they appeared to have fun on the dance floor. From what this source could see, there was no drinking involved. The witness also said that Malia’s presence didn’t appear to be known by too many others inside this club.

The buzz coming from the crowd at the Surf Lodge in Montauk was that Secret Service agents were on the premises, but they didn’t stand out. The agents blended into the crowd as Malia danced the night away. The word was “discreet” that the witnessed used describing the Secret Service at the club.

According to the Page Six report, Malia and her pals topped off the night with a candle riddled brownie dessert for Malia’s birthday. There are not too many parents who have the opportunity to read about their teenager’s coming and goings via the news, but Malia tends to make the headlines frequently since leaving the nest.

If Barack and Michelle Obama check online to see what Malia is up to while away from home, this weekend’s news is pleasant in comparison to what has been reported about Malia during past partying ventures. Allegations of Malia smoking pot were splashed all over the headlines last year when a video surfaced of the first daughter.

Last summer the headline from the New York Post blared, “Obama furious at Malia for appearing to smoke pot.” It was during Malia’s trip to Lollapalooza in Chicago last summer where she was captured on camera appearing to “puff on ganja,” according to the Post. That was near the end of the summer in August.

Jump ahead a year later and the festivities embarked on by the former president’s daughter are reported as much more mundane. Just dancing and brownies with candles are the spotlighted events coming out of Malia’s night out in the Hamptons. The video that went viral last year can be seen below.

[Featured Image by Jacquelyn Martin/AP Images]