Jill Duggar: Did Derick Dillard Drop A Hint About His Wife’s Birth Plan?

Jill Duggar hasn’t shared any details about her birth plan, so fans have been wondering whether she’ll try to give birth at home or in the hospital. Thanks to Derick Dillard’s social media activity, they may finally have their answer.

Jill Duggar, 26, and Derick Dillard, 28, are over 2,000 miles away from their second home in El Salvador, but the missionaries are still finding ways to share the gospel with others during their stay in Arkansas. One way Derick has been doing this is by posting Bible verses on his Twitter page. On July 7, he shared a Proverbs verse about wisdom.

“Say to wisdom, ‘You are my sister,’ and call insight your intimate friend…’ (Proverbs 7:4),” he tweeted.

Some of Derick’s followers responded to his tweet by sharing their ideas on what it means to be wise, and many of them had Jill Duggar and her unborn son, Samuel Scott Dillard, on their minds.

“Here are a few words of wisdom: A hospital birth is the best plan for both baby & monther [sic] considering your last child’s birth. Be safe,” read one fan’s response.

Derick Dillard liked the above tweet, which may be an indication that he agrees with the fan’s belief that Jill Duggar would be better off giving birth in a hospital instead of trying for a home birth again.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jill Duggar’s first son, Israel David Dillard, was delivered via C-section. The Duggar daughter attempted to give birth to him at home, but she had to be taken to the hospital after laboring for over 70 hours without progressing.

Because Jill Duggar has had a C-section, her current birth options are limited. According to the Arkansas Department of Health, it is illegal for a midwife working in the state to perform a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). As a lay midwife, Jill is likely aware of this law. However, she could possibly try to give birth at home without a midwife in attendance. According to the Unassisted Childbirth website, Nebraska is the only U.S. state where unassisted births are illegal.

The practice of giving birth at home without the help of any licensed professionals is controversial and potentially deadly. Parenting points to the case of a Massachusetts woman who attempted an unassisted birth with a baby that was in a breech position, just like Israel was. The baby was stillborn in a toilet, and the woman was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after its body was found in the trash. However, the conviction was later overturned.


Jill Duggar may decide that it’s too risky to try an unassisted birth, but she has made it clear that she doesn’t want to have another C-section. She told People that she asked her doctor to make sure that he did a really good job stitching her up after Israel’s birth so that she could try for a VBAC with her second child.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jill Duggar has not revealed an exact due date for Samuel Scott, but she has said that it’s sometime early this month.

[Featured Image by Dillard Family/Facebook]