Randy Orton Taking Some Time Off, How Will It Impact ‘WWE Battleground?’

Randy Orton dropped the WWE Championship to Jinder Mahal at WWE Backlash, and the two have been at war ever since over the title. Their rematch took place at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV last month with Mahal coming out on top again. Now, their conflict will culminate in a third match at WWE Battleground in a few weeks, but there is some speculation regarding Randy Orton’s status heading into their final match.

It’s being reported that the former WWE Champion will be taking some time off from WWE programming, but the initial assumption is that he will be taking some time after WWE Battleground. However, Orton will be taking some time off before the PPV to film “Changeland” with Seth Green. The Viper is expected to miss next week’s edition of SmackDown Live, but he will return for the July 18th edition before Battleground.

The WWE Universe has nothing to fear because Orton is expected to miss one edition of SmackDown Live before the Punjabi Prison Match with Jinder Mahal that is likely going to be the final match in their rivalry as both men will be moving into other feuds for WWE Summerslam later this summer.

Randy Orton Will Face Jinder Mahal at WWE Battleground
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The likelihood of Randy Orton reclaiming the WWE Title from Jinder Mahal is low. Mahal has done a great job as SmackDown Live’s top heel, and the company’s expansion into India is still happening. It’s unlikely a huge title change would happen only a month before WWE Summerslam. Orton has done an excellent job putting over Mahal as well, which should result in a huge match for him during WWE’s biggest show of the summer. However, any creative plans for Randy Orton after WWE Battleground have yet to be revealed.

Randy Orton is Getting a Roman Reigns Style Push
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Orton has also missed some time on WWE house shows, but that is because his schedule has become much lighter over recent years. The Viper has been booked as the top babyface on SmackDown Live since winning the WWE Title at WrestleMania 33. WWE officials don’t consider John Cena the face of the blue brand any longer, which is clear by his “free agent” status, so the role fell into Randy Orton’s lap while Cena was away.

With Orton likely being taken out of the WWE Title hunt after ‘Battleground,’ the WWE Universe is curious about what role he will be booked into heading into WWE Summerslam. There are many feuds and matches for him to have on SmackDown Live, but the fans will have to wait a few more weeks to see what the powers that be have planned for him. Right now, Orton’s goal is to cement Jinder Mahal as a main event talent.

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