Farrah Abraham’s Mother, Debra, On Rape Allegations: ‘Get Over It Farrah!’

While Farrah Abraham’s father has come forward with allegations that his daughter was raped shortly after her sex tape, Farrah isn’t getting any sympathy from her estranged mother, Debra. The pair have had a fraught relationship for many years, and it was highlighted recently on Marriage Bootcamp: Family Reality Stars Edition.

The pair worked on their issues there, many of which stem from a 2010 fight where the police were called to their Iowa home. Farrah Abraham claims her mother beat her while Debra claims Farrah Abraham threatened to kill her. The inability to get on the same page about the even has irreparably damaged their relationship.

Farrah Abraham admitted in 2015 that she had been attacked by James Deen, who starred in her porn tape with her, Back Door Teen Mom. Her father, Michael, recently took to Twitter to defend Farrah’s bad behavior, referring to it as “her trauma.”

However, Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, isn’t as sympathetic as Michael to her daughter.

According to Debra, she doesn’t even know if the sequence of events is “truthful.”

Debra Danielsen says Farrah Abraham has never spoken to her about the alleged rape and that she heard everything about the incident second-hand.


Michael also claimed that Farrah Abraham’s nasty attitude is partially attributed to the fact that he and Debra were emotionally distant toward her when she was growing up. This occurred especially as the pair divorced.

Farrah Abraham also claims that her parents physically abused her during her childhood, something both parents deny vehemently.

Debra Danielsen, however, doesn’t buy any of the excuses for her behavior.

She got candid about her feelings on Farrah’s claims to Radar Online.

“Even if she was abused, look at all the millions of people out there who suffered, they don’t blame the world for it. They have to grow up. It’s time to grow up and get over it!”

Currently, Farrah Abraham is on a world tour with MTV U.K.’s Single AF as she looks for love with other MTV UK stars. It is unclear if she and Simon Saran are still together, as he has claimed on Twitter that he loves her and that the pair are simply apart for MTV cameras. However, Saran was recently photographed with another woman on the Fourth of July, making fans wonder what exactly is going on with the couple.

As usual, Farrah Abraham has already started drama with some of the other contestants on the show, one of whom she has referred to as “a d******d.”


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