‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Tripp Has Second Thoughts On The Plan To Destroy Kayla But Jade Is In His Ear

Days of Our Lives fans have watched Tripp fight an internal struggle over his feelings for his stepmother, stepbrother, and father. Steve wants Tripp to believe that his mother died at his hands. While Tripp’s gut instincts tell him that his father is covering for the real murderer, he has come to believe that Kayla must be responsible for his mother’s death.

The following contains possible spoilers for Days of Our Lives. If you don’t want to know what may be coming, stop reading now.

Tripp’s plan to destroy Kayla is in full swing, as fans of Days of Our Lives know. As she mentored him at the hospital, he set his plan in motion. With Hope suffering an overdose of Halo 2, Tripp changed the dosage of medication she was to receive to a lethal amount. Of course, he stepped in just in time and found the mistake before it could be administered by the nurse. The mistake Kayla thought she had made shook her to the core.

In treating a terminally ill cancer patient, Tripp struck again. He changed the dosage to a lethal amount, but the patient passed away from the illness before the medicine was given to him. As Kayla was verbally reprimanded by hospital administration, Tripp again made everyone think he was standing by Kayla rather than the one causing all of the problems for her.

Tripp has never had a loving family environment. As he gets closer to Steve and the rest of the Johnson family, he is feeling like he is part of something for the first time. Days of Our Lives fans are watching as Tripp’s relationship with Joey is getting closer and becoming more like brothers. Steve and Kayla are always supportive of him and include him in everything. When he told Jade he was second-guessing the plan, she showed her vengeful side once again. Jade has been manipulating Tripp to do her dirty work and isn’t so willing to back down.



According to She Knows, Jade will be leaving Salem soon. With no one on her side but Tripp, and his eyes beginning to open, she will have burnt every bridge. The entire Johnson family, including Tripp, all see her for who she really is.

Are you glad Tripp is beginning to rethink his plan to destroy Kayla? Do you think Jade brings any added-value to the set of Days of Our Lives? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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