Prince Harry Reportedly Reveals He Is In No Rush To Marry Meghan Markle, Did Camilla Warn Him Too?

Prince Harry’s romance with Suits star Meghan Markle is going so well that an engagement is almost guaranteed at this point. Although rumors hint that Harry will pop the big question this summer, Mercury News reports that he is not in a rush to walk down the aisle. Is Harry having second thoughts because of Camilla’s warning?

A source close to Harry claims that he and Markle are getting along just fine and are happy with how their relationship is progressing. Harry, however, wants to spend more time together and make sure they can have some sense of normalcy before getting married. This unfortunately means that the prince will probably not propose by the end of the year.

This might not sit well with Markle, who recently closed down her Instagram account and seemed to be gearing up for a different phase in life. Of course, it’s also possible that Harry and Markle are on the same page and want to get to know each other better before making a long-term commitment.

That said, Camilla Parker Bowles might have something to do with Prince Harry’s hesitation. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Bowles didn’t get along with Markle during a recent trip to Canada and has reservations about their marriage. Bowles is married to Prince Charles and allegedly tried to convince Markle to walk away from the relationship.

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“She told Meghan that she didn’t like her relationship with Harry and that she should think twice before agreeing to his marriage proposal because Camilla was planning to make her life very tough,” an insider revealed.

The source added that Bowles doesn’t think Markle fits in with the rest of the family. Not only is she an American actress, but she was also in a relationship with Corey Vitiello when she first met Harry. Markle reportedly dumped the celebrity chef once her romance with Harry took off.

Meet The Markles reality TV show underway
Meet the Markles, Meghan Markle reality show underway, according to sources [Image by Darren McCollester/Getty Images]

According to The Sun, Markle was famous in her own right long before she started dating Harry. Before landing a spot on Suits, Markle appeared on the hit game show, No Deal, as a briefcase-wielding model. Her role in Suits, of course, launched her career in Hollywood and her celebrity status increased even more once Harry came into her life. Prior to acting, Markle graduated college with a communications degree and is considering going back to get a master’s degree.

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