Most-Googled Deaths Of 2012, Not Including Hoaxes

As the end of the year is coming to a close, numerous search engines, specifically Google, is busting out their end of the year analysis to see what users searched for the most in 2012. This year the entertainment business lost a lot of great and highly esteemed professionals, so as part of a zeitgeist on what we google, a list has been made by the search engine on the top celebrity deaths searched in the year 2012.

It’s no surprise that a big chunk of our most searched deaths are musicians, as we lost quite a few this year. Towards the beginning of the year, in February, the world seemed to mourn the loss of singer Whitney Houston. In the wake of Houston’s death, controversy followed on whether or not the singer’s shaky past with drugs had any part in her death following a celebratory weekend in Los Angeles for the pre-Grammy ceremonies.

As for trends people googled in the United States, the country seemed to be relavant with the timely news. The most search topic for Google in the United States was, indeed, none other than Whitney Houston, followed by Hurricane Sandy, Election 2012, Hunger Games, basket baller Jeremy Lin, Olympics 2012, Amanda Todd, Gangnam Style, Michael Clarke Duncan and KONY 2012.

For “trending people” that were searched on google, Whitney Houston inevitably took the number one spot, followed by Jeremy Lin, Amanda Todd, Michael Clark Duncan, and Kate Middle took the fifth slot.

To see the full list of the most googled celebrity deaths click here. Are you surprised that Whitney Houston took the number one slot on most searched?