Did TLC Fund Jill Duggar And Derick’s Missionary Work In Central America? Couple Shunned By Own Church

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have come under fire multiple times in relation to their missionary works in Central America. While the couple has already wrapped up their work in El Salvador, another controversy has emerged. Their own church reportedly declined to recognize their works there. Did TLC fund their missionary works all along?

Most of Jill and Derick’s storyline in the Duggar reality show Counting On revolve around their trips to El Salvador to do Christian and humanitarian works. CafeMom said TLC might have funded their activities, as rumors came out that their own church, the Southern Baptist Convention, refused to acknowledge them as missionaries.

The issue that they are “fake” missionaries first emerged in 2015 when reports came that SBC said Jill and Derick are not missionaries. But despite that, the couple was able to continue with their trips to Central America until they concluded their work and returned to the United States last month to prepare for Jill’s delivery of their second baby. This brings the question as to how they were able to keep doing such works without the support of their own church, and speculations suggest TLC could have been behind it for the show’s sake.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jill and Derick’s application to the International Mission Board has been rejected, sources close to the Duggar family revealed. The Dillards were reportedly not able to adhere to the SBC’s guidelines, which include completing a certain number of college credit hours and elective courses in general ministry. In addition, Jill’s midwife certification is reportedly bogus.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard faced several criticisms over their finances related to their missionary work in El Salvador. In 2015, they issued a refund of donations after they were questioned about how they spent the money they asked from fans and supporters, particularly when they went back to Arkansas for a “planned and extended vacation.”


Most recently, rumors about a feud between Derick and Jinger’s husband Jeremy Vuolo floated. Jeremy reportedly slammed Derick for not working. The ordained minister believes that a man should work to provide for his family. Jeremy did not specifically mention Derick, but in a sermon, he seemed to have thrown a shade to the Dillards. He criticized those who commit themselves to religious study instead of working to support themselves.

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