‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Danielle And Cody Still Haven’t Had Sex, Could Be Headed For Breakup

The Married at First Sight spoilers are not looking good for Danielle and Cody, the couple still struggling to connect, who admitted on this week’s episode that they have yet to be intimate.

While the other two couples appear to be making progress and building a foundation that could eventually become a lasting marriage, Danielle and Cody have been stuck in a rut and encountered constant difficulty moving forward. For several weeks, the couple talked about how they have not yet had sex and that the tension about growing physical was pushing them further apart.

That situation may now be getting worse. On Thursday’s episode of Married at First Sight, the couples all met for something of a group bonding session, and Cody admitted that they still hadn’t been intimate.

“For us, I think the biggest problem is we still haven’t had sex yet,” Cody said, as shown in a clip from Us Weekly.

Cody had previously opened up about the difficulties, writing in a blog post last month that he had been working hard to take care of the “small things” at home like laundry and cleaning, while Danielle was at work, but the two still couldn’t connect.

In the blog post on the website for People Magazine, Cody wondered whether Danielle was ready to leave the marriage.

“I was trying so hard to make our marriage work and do all the small things, and it was really frustrating when I made a small mistake and Danielle seems like she’s ready to check out of the marriage,” he wrote. “I really felt like I was walking on eggshells and she was almost looking for reasons for our marriage not to work.”

Cody went on to say that when he tried to ask Danielle whether part of her didn’t want the marriage to work and told her how important the marriage was to him, she just made a joke and laughed.

“It kind of hurt because I was trying to open up and it just seemed like she didn’t care anymore,” he wrote.

Things don’t appear to be getting much better for Danielle and Cody, and some Married at First Sight spoilers are pointing to a possible breakup. Danielle had already hinted that the lack of sex could be a death knell for the couple, saying in her own People blog post that she needed to feel an emotional connection first before getting physical, and that she still wasn’t there yet.

But it couldn’t last that way forever, Danielle admitted.

“We needed to get to the physical eventually because that is what differentiates a friendship from a relationship. This worried me because now I was beginning to feel pressured,” she wrote.

It’s still not clear whether the Married at First Sight spoilers will come true, or if Danielle and Cody can hash out their relationship troubles and find a way to make it work.

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