Luke Hemmings And Ashton Irwin Find Girlfriends Before 5SOS 2017 Summer Tour Begins?

Love is in the air for Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin! The two popular members of 5SOS, short for 5 Seconds of Summer, may just have a month before their 2017 summer tour begins, but it looks like that is not stopping them from getting girlfriends. Luke Hemmings is reeling from a recent breakup with Arzaylea, but now he seems ready to mingle.

5SOS summer tour will begin in South Korea on August 13, traveling to Denmark, Brazil, Peru, and more to perform for its fans. That means that the boys, Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Michael, just have over a month to enjoy themselves.

Ashton Irwin is definitely using that time well. He has been unplugged from his Instagram for two months now, choosing to settle into himself before he has to hit the road with the band. The last time he posted was on May 11. Since then, he has been hiding from the public glare.

So it is notable that the first time he has been seen since May was with a mysterious girl. In Los Angeles, he was spotted with a female friend, sporting “more prominent facial hair” and looking more “filled out” than before. The fans are having a hard time identifying the brunette that was hanging out with the 5SOS drummer, which may mean that she does not work in the entertainment industry.

Unlike Luke, Ashton chose to remain single for most of his time in 5SOS. The last girl he dated was Bryana Holly, a bikini model living on the West Coast. They broke up unceremoniously after a year of being associated with each other.

With his friend experimenting with love, Luke Hemmings also shocked fans when he tagged a notable Hollywood personality on Instagram. He posted a picture of himself taken at Griffith Observatory and included Sahara Ray in the captions.

The 20-year-old lead singer was publicly dating Arzaylea Rodriguez for over a year. Not only did she follow him to tour locations all over the world, but they also posted about each other on their Instagram accounts. However, it was revealed that they “unfollowed each other on Instagram in April” and thus ended their relationship.

The new woman in Luke’s life, Sahara Ray, is already known for her famous exes, notably Justin Bieber, according to Daily Mail. It looks like she has more in common with Luke as she was also born in Australia.

However, Luke Hemmings is not the only man in Sahara’s life. Just a few days ago, according to Daily Mail, she was spotted holding hands at the Los Angeles cafe Bourgeois Pig with Gregg Sulkin, a 25-year-old English actor.

Do you think Luke and Ashton will find themselves in a stable relationship before they head out for the August tour? Or do you think they are having fun with summer flings? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Luke Hemmings/Instagram]