Batman Cameo Rumor In ‘Man Of Steel’ Reboot Brings Out A Coy Christopher Nolan

Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt the next Batman or isn’t he? That’s the question of the year for DC comic enthusiasts once the credits rolled on Christopher Nolan’s last installment in the Batman trilogy. While Gordon-Levitt’s camp has put down the rumors of the star putting on the cape, it seems as though director Christopher Nolan is playing the coy game.

In the past Nolan, who swears up and down he’s put the series to rest, was asked whether or not Joseph Gordon-Levitt will make a cameo as Batman in the Superman reboot Man of Steel, which Nolan happens to produce. Instead of flat out denying the possibility, Nolan was all smiles and gave a glimmer of hope as he spread his Cheshire-cat grin, adding, “I can’t talk about that. You know that.”

So what does this mean for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s chances at playing Batman? Well, don’t rule it out that’s for sure. If Gordon-Levitt makes a cameo as Batman, this could be the beginning of a new era for Batman, which Warner Bros. has been adamant about cashing in on with a new reboot. This could also mean that Gordon-Levitt will appear as Batman in the 2015 Justice League tie in film. Think of all the possibilities.

As a side, Joseph Gordon-Levitt appears to have lightened his schedule considerably for the first time in years. Perhaps he’s making room to hop in that batmobile.

Would you be happy with Joseph Gordon-Levitt taking over Christian Bale’s role as Batman/Bruce Wayne? Who do you think is the right director to head up the reboot? Sound off here.