Blac Chyna Poses Naked In Bed With Rarri True After Rob Kardashian’s Instagram Tantrum

The ongoing social media war between Rob Kardashian and his ex-fiance Blac Chyna escalated earlier today with Chyna’s new man Rarri True posting two photos of himself lying semi-nude in bed with Blac Chyna. The latest social media stunt was evidently designed to taunt Rob Kardashian, 30, after his recent furious Instagram tirade in which he accused Chyna, 29, of cheating on him with multiple men and poor parenting skills. Rob also posted nude photos of Blac Chyna that led to his Instagram page being shut down amid accusations of “revenge porn.”

The first of the latest photos (see below) show Chyna smiling and lying naked under the covers in bed with Rarri who also looks into the camera smiling. The other photo shows her lying naked in bed with part of her breasts exposed. She covers her nipples with her palms and arms and looks into the camera with a self-satisfied smile, flaunting expensive-looking necklace, bracelet, and rings.

Rarri posted the photos to social media to taunt Rob by revealing that Chyna was cheating with another man in his bed. Rob had erupted in anger after he claimed he received a video from Chyna showing her in his bed with another man. He accused Chyna of cheating on him with several men, including singer Pilot Jones and now rapper Rarri True.

TMZ reported that sources close to Rarri said the pictures he posted to Instagram earlier today were taken about a month ago, long before Rob suspected that Chyna was seeing Rarri.

Rarri’s pics posted to Instagram were captioned “SMILE @blacchyna,” and “That 250k In Jewelry Ain’t mean S**t to Rarri Rep Yo set Lesson Learned Daniel Son.”

The second caption by Rarri was apparently meant to answer Rob’s angry retort on social media that Rarri was broke. Rarri is bragging that he is not broke and that “250K in jewelry” means nothing to him. Rob had complained a day earlier on social media that Blac Chyna cheated on him after he bought her expensive cars, paid for her weight-loss surgery, and gave her a diamond Rolex watch and other jewelry worth $250K.

The latest row between Rob and Chyna erupted after Chyna sent Rob videos of her making out with another guy on Rob’s bed. Rob had identified the guy as Rarri. Rob was clearly very upset about it and responded furiously by posting nude photos of his ex-fiance to Instagram and accusing her of cheating on him.

He also claimed that Blac Chyna had her 8-month-old daughter Dream with him to spite her former boyfriend Tyga, 27.

He threatened that Chyna would never see Dream again if she did not stop taking drugs and clean up her act. After Instagram shut down his page for posting nude pics of his ex-fiance, he continued the tirade and “revenge porn” on Twitter.

The latest round of social media hostilities is clearly designed to provoke Rob again after he appeared to calm down following the initial provocation by Chyna.

It remains to be seen whether Rob will take the bait.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]