Michael Buble And Wife Share Photo Of Son Noah Recovering At Home From Cancer

Noah Buble, the 3-year-old son of crooner Michael Buble and actress Luisana Lopilato, continues to recover from liver cancer, and the normally private couple have just shared a sweet photo of Noah with his mom. Lopilato posted a photo of herself cradling their other son, Elias, while Noah lies beside them. Posts have been rare since Noah Buble was diagnosed with cancer last year, but the photo shows that the son of Michael Buble is out of the hospital and with his family. Both Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilato have put their careers on hold during Noah’s recovery.

Michael Buble and his wife were in her home country of Argentina when Noah Buble fell ill with a sore throat and a fever. Argentine doctors did more tests, guessing it was mono, but they soon discovered that Noah Buble had liver cancer. The Buble family made the decision to seek treatment in Los Angeles. Although Michael Buble is Canadian and his wife’s family is from Argentina, the Buble family is making its home base in Los Angeles for the duration of Noah’s treatment. Luisana Lopilato’s family traveled to the U.S. for Christmas as Noah was allowed to spend time out of the hospital. Experts say that Noah Buble has a 90 percent chance of beating the disease.


But fans of Michael Buble were happy to get a glimpse of Noah Buble outside of the hospital with his mother and brother. Luisana posted the sweet pic on Instagram with a caption in her native Spanish about a mother’s love.

“El tiempo se detiene… no hay nada como los mimos de mama!! #❤️#tothemoonandback #familyfirst.”

In English, it reads, “Time stops… there’s nothing like a mother’s pampering.”

Although the family has been incredibly guarded when it comes to Noah’s diagnosis, sources say that because it was caught so early, Noah Buble has an excellent chance of recovering fully. Luisana spoke at a press conference, saying Noah had successfully completed chemo and that they were looking forward to better days.

“We are very happy. We are looking forward to thinking about the future, to seeing our children grow. “My faith in the fact God had a miracle helped me. I became strong so my son would get better. I transmitted that to all my friends and family.”

Luisana says that treatment and check-ups continue, but the family is optimistic. She claims that the thoughts and prayers of fans help to bolster Buble and family.

“But the love is daily when people stop me in the street. It’s wonderful to know that you’re accompanied in life and that people love you.”


Michael Buble has also been rarely seen in public since Noah’s liver cancer diagnosis, but late last month, he appeared at an event in Canada to receive an award. He took a moment to thank friends and fans for their love and support during the hardest time in his life. Buble received a performing arts award in Ottawa, where he spoke about how much love and support he has felt during his life.

“My wife, my children, my parents my sisters, my manager Bruce Allen, who are all here tonight. There are no words to describe how I feel about you. Sometimes ‘I love you’ just isn’t enough because what I feel is just so much more.”


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Buble thanked everyone and returned to Los Angeles to be with Noah and the rest of his family.

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[Featured Image by Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images]