‘OutDaughtered’ Season 3 Premiere: Which Busby Quints Are Giving Adam & Danielle The ‘Terrible Twos Blues?’

OutDaughtered returns next week, and Season 3 of the TLC series could prove to be the craziest and most chaotic yet. Viewers will get to watch the Busby quints go through the “terrible twos” as their frazzled parents, Adam and Danielle Busby, struggle to keep the peace (and their sanity).

Adam and Danielle Busby’s quintuplets turned two on April 8, so the amount of activity in Busby household has increased exponentially in recent months. However, the terrible twos don’t have the Busby parents so wiped out that they can’t find the energy to leave the house. On Tuesday, Adam Busby shared a photo of his family celebrating the Fourth of July. The OutDaughtered stars spent the patriotic holiday trying to beat the Texas heat at Moody Gardens’ Palm Beach, a water park located in Galveston.

The Busby quints were on their best behavior while posing for a cute family photo. Identical twins Olivia Marie and Ava Lane joined their mom and their older sister, Blayke Louise, on a beach chair, while Hazel Grace hung out in dad’s lap. Parker Kate and Riley Paige were content to sit in the sand while the photo was being snapped.

“Happy 4th of July!! We spent the day at Palm Beach @moodygardens with the big bunch. Had a blast! #happy4th #itsabuzzworld #outdaughtered,” Adam captioned the Instagram photo.


The Busby quints might look like perfect little angels in the Fourth of July snapshot, but they’re keeping their parents on their toes as they struggle through the terrible twos. In a new sneak peek for Season 3 of OutDaughtered, Adam Busby says that the girls are a lot more active now.

“A few months ago, they were just starting to walk, but now they just scatter.”

The Busby quints are beginning to develop very distinctive personalities, and some of them are becoming more difficult to deal with than others. To make matters worse, Danielle tells the OutDaughtered cameras that the terrible twos came three months early for the quints.

“I’ve got the blues for terrible twos,” Adam adds.

According to Danielle, Ava is their little “tubby baby.” She’s heavier than her siblings, which makes it more difficult for Danielle to pick her up.

“She’s attached to my leg the most pretty much out of all of them. I’m like, really? It has to be the heaviest one that wants me to hold her all the time?”


In the OutDaughtered Season 3 preview, Danielle says that the babies are “talking up a storm” now, but Parker has proved to be the biggest chatterbox. She’s also a “pooper spreader” who makes her mommy gag when she makes a mess on herself.

Olivia is the goofball of the family, and the cheerful tot seems to be handling the terrible twos fairly well. However, Riley is a different story.

“She just likes to antagonize,” says Adam. “She takes toy’s away; she picks on the other girls.”

Hazel can also be a handful when she loses her temper and starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Danielle thinks it’s “the redhead in her.”

“It’s like, how did that come out of that little tiny body?” she said of Hazel’s high-pitched wail.

As People reports, Hazel suffers from eye issues, and viewers may see her undergo a second surgery during Season 3 of OutDaughtered.

Adam Busby says that one of his preferred methods to lower the level of chaos in the Busby household is to tire the quints out. In the OutDaughtered sneak peek, he and Danielle attempt to do this by taking the girls to a trampoline park, and the parents ensure that they don’t get just as tuckered out as the kids by bringing along a few helpers to keep an eye on the girls, Danielle’s two sisters and her mom. Six-year-old Blayke also does an excellent job helping out with the little ones.

Season 3 of OutDaughtered premieres July 11 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Featured Image by TLC]