Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart Reportedly Text About Love Amid Alex Rodriguez Romance: Can He Woo Her Back?

Jennifer Lopez reportedly is enjoying a sizzling summer romance with Alex Rodriguez. Packing on the PDA and sharing photos of their love on Instagram, J.Lo and A-Rod have even earned a cute couple nickname of J-Rod. But a new report claims that despite her romance with Alex, Jennifer has been secretly texting her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart all about her “life and love.” Does Casper want to vie with Rodriguez by trying to woo Lopez back into a romance?

The Hollywood Gossip pointed out that “Jennifer Lopez is in a very serious relationship with Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez,” noting that their romance appears to be”moving along swimmingly,” and citing rumors that they became engaged during their recent romantic trip to Paris.

An insider quoted by the Hollywood Gossip shared that Jennifer is eager to tie the knot with Alex and become a family.

“J.Lo can’t wait for them all to be one big, happy family. This is a real dream come true for her.”

While Lopez reportedly is dreaming of a happy future with Rodriguez, another source quoted by the Hollywood Gossip claimed that she continues to stay in touch with her ex Casper Smart. According to that insider, Jennifer is sending text messages back and forth to Smart while flaunting her romance with Alex on Instagram.

Lopez and Smart reportedly began their romance in 2011. Although their relationship seemed to blossom, they allegedly called it off last year, and it was unclear what caused the split. However, despite the rumors that Jennifer’s and Casper’s relationship was over, the insider claims that the two are secretly texting.

“Jennifer and Casper talk about life and love.”

The source also shared that the former couple communicates about her twins, who reportedly adore Smart and view him as a stepfather.

“They also talk about her twins,” said the insider. “The kids love Casper and see him as a stepfather, and Casper loves them, too.”

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart reportedly are texting about life and love. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for GLAAD]

Although Lopez is known for staying on good terms with her former boyfriends, the source alleged that Smart has a goal beyond just staying in touch. He allegedly believes “he has a shot at winning her back,” according to the Hollywood Gossip‘s insider.

“Casper’s hoping that if he continues to talk to her and support her, that his efforts will one day bring them back together,” revealed the source.

“[Casper Smart will] never get over J.Lo.”

As for whether Smart should stress about the rumors that Lopez is already engaged to Rodriguez, the answer is no, according to Gossip Cop. Alex did not propose to Jennifer during their romantic trip to Paris, and they are not busily forming wedding plans, according to Gossip Cop‘s insiders.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez engaged? [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

The rumors that Lopez and Rodriguez are engaged were sparked by In Touch, which quoted a source in describing the alleged proposal.

“Alex got down on one knee and asked Jennifer to marry him during their romantic trip… She burst into tears and said ‘Yes!'”

The insider also claimed that Rodriguez and Lopez are working out the details of a fabulous, fairy tale wedding that will ring up at around $3 million.

“Jennifer doesn’t care that this is her fourth marriage. She never likes to pull back on anything and is determined to make her wedding an unforgettable day, no matter how much it costs,” alleged In Touch‘s source.

Also, the magazine claimed that Lopez was considering France’s Palace of Versailles as the potentially perfect setting for that fairy tale wedding, with the guests set to fly into Paris for a magical weekend overflowing with celebrations. However, although all those plans sound romantic, they’re also fiction, according to Gossip Cop‘s insiders.

One of the publication’s insiders said that Jennifer is “not engaged,” and consequently not making wedding plans. The rep for Alex joked about the allegations.

“We had the wedding yesterday,” laughed Rodriguez’s rep.

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