‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted Thursday Night (July 6), Christmas Abbott Or Jillian Parker?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the first two weeks culminate with an Eviction Ceremony. Who gets evicted Thursday night (July 6) depends on how the vote between Jillian Parker and Christmas Abbott goes for the BB19 cast. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the CBS audience finally found out that Alex Ow won the Power of Veto and took herself off the block. Then Head of Household Cody Nickson named Christmas Abbott as the replacement nominee, putting her at risk of going home.

That wasn’t the end of the available Big Brother 19 spoilers as the show moves toward its first “live” Eviction Ceremony on the season. The houseguest who gets evicted Thursday night on CBS may not even see it coming, as the vote tallies have been close for most of the past week. Now either Christmas or Jillian will join Cameron Heard and Megan Lowder on the sidelines of the BB19 house and wonder what they did wrong to not even make it through the first part of the 2017 summer season.

As previous Big Brother 19 spoilers had laid out, there are 12 houseguests with votes this week, meaning it will take seven votes to evict one of the ladies. If the vote ended in a 6-6 tie, then the Head of Household (Cody Nickson) will break that tie. Late Wednesday evening (July 5) one of the votes that hadn’t been entirely clear was expressed on the CBS live feeds, with Josh Martinez stating he was definitely voting against Jillian Parker. This seemingly came at the urging of Big Brother 18 runner-up Paul Abrahamian.

While the BB19 cast has been pretty unpredictable, it appears that the houseguest who gets evicted on July 6 is Jillian Parker. These huge Big Brother 19 spoilers come from opinions getting expressed on the live feeds, with Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, Raven Walton, Dominique Cooper, Matthew Clines, Paul Abrahamian, and now Josh Martinez voting for Jillian. That’s enough to evict her on Thursday night, with only Jessica Graf, Alex Ow, Jason Dent, and Ramses Soto set to vote against Christmas Abbott.

It’s still not clear who Kevin Schlehuber is going to vote for, but at this point, his vote may not matter at all. None of this is the plan that showmance Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf planned out and it appears that the couple could be at serious risk of getting nominated by the BB19 house next week. Paul Abrahamian is working hard to turn people against Cody and Jessica and he is not having a lot of trouble doing it.

Following the predicted eviction of Jillian Parker on Thursday night, the next round of Big Brother 19 spoilers could include Cody and Jessica up on the block.

[Featured Image by Tom Cooper/Getty Images]