The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Repeat The S8’s Mistake According To The Latest Leaks

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has high expectations to fill following the huge success of the Galaxy S8. Reports paint an even more feature-packed device, but there is one flaw that stands out. If the latest leak is legit, then the phablet may be repeating the S8’s mistake.

With an expected bezel-less display and a dual-camera set-up, which is a first from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8 will be one of the biggest devices this year that will surely blow the other competitors away. However, there is one thing that might turn off some potential buyers: a fingerprint scanner at the back.

The Galaxy S8 is almost perfect with a beautiful design and strong specs. However, the South Korean company’s decision to put the fingerprint sensor beside the rear camera received some criticisms. What Samsung was hoping to achieve is to embed it in the screen, but it deemed the tech too early to debut. Now we’re left with an arrangement that’s hard to love, and according to the latest leaks, we will see the same set-up on the Note 8.

According to Forbes, the CAD and case leaks both seemingly confirm that the Galaxy Note 8 will indeed sport a fingerprint scanner at the back. Its competitor, the iPhone 8 is reportedly having a display-integrated Touch ID, making the Note 8 look outdated even before its launch. Samsung cites security issues that need ironing out before its version of the tech makes its way to the public, but this may be a grave mistake on the company’s part.

No one really likes having the fingerprint scanner beside the camera. Owners of the Galaxy S8 only seem to tolerate it even though the set-up makes for a camera lens dirtied with fingerprints and a hard-to-reach scanner, whose purpose in the first place is to provide easy unlocking. This can quickly become the Note 8’s number one issue after the iPhone 8 debuts an under-display Touch ID.

The good news is that there is some space between the camera lens and the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Note 8, so that may solve the first issue. Nonetheless, an embedded fingerprint scanner would have been preferred. Especially after the world has already seen the tech in action thanks to Vivo, which might be planning to debut the feature this year even before Apple does.

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