Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Damien Wilson Arrested For Aggravated Assault With A Truck

Damien Wilson, a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, was reportedly arrested Tuesday by authorities in Texas for aggravated assault with a weapon. The incident occurred during the FC Dallas vs D.C. United Independence Day match, where he allegedly backed a truck onto a woman and brandished a rifle at a man.

The world of American football was shaken last Independence Day, and it turns out not because of hundreds of pyrotechnic displays going off in celebration of Independence Day. Instead, fans of both the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys received word that their very own Damien Wilson was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, according to Bleacher Report.

Lynnann Nguyen of FOX 4 first broke the news on Twitter, reporting that Wilson was arrested at the Toyota Stadium in Texas during a Spanish football match between FC Dallas and D.C. United. Details from officials report that Wilson allegedly backed his truck onto a woman at the stadium’s parking lot while looking for a spot, with the linebacker supposedly doing it intentionally.

The Star-Telegram reports that authorities claim that Damien then brandished a rifle at a different person, probably someone who came to check out what was happening or maybe even just another driver also looking for a parking spot. Speculations suggest these all happened during the fireworks display held during the match.

Police charged Wilson with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for both incidents, which means the vehicle seems to be counted as a deadly weapon since it was supposedly used with intent to do harm. Wilson has since been released after the arrest, although not after posting a $10,000 bond for each charge.

Being second-degree felonies, the linebacker could end up facing 20 years in a state penitentiary facility along with $10,000 fines. Word of the incident have already reached Wilson’s team, with an official statement from the Dallas Cowboys already posted on the NFL’s website.

Damien Wilson in Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers
[Image by Harry How/Getty Images]

According to the statement, the Cowboys are in the middle of finding out more details about the affair and therefore have refused to give any official comment for now. On the NFL’s side, league spokesman Brian McCarthy expressed a similar statement to Wilson’s team.

As for Wilson himself, the American football star’s future with the NFL could be uncertain with a suspension likely. The woman involved reportedly did not need to be taken to a hospital, which opens up an avenue for other settlements with the charges dropped, but a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy cannot simply be forced to the wayside.

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