‘Shameless’ Season 8 Spoilers: Gallagher Family Love Lives To Take Center Stage?

Shameless Season 8 spoilers reveal that the love lives of the Gallagher family may be in the spotlight more than ever during the upcoming batch of episodes. When Season 7 ended, there were a lot of unanswered questions about all of the relationships hanging in the balance, but fans may soon be getting answers.

According to a report by Blasting News, Shameless Season 8 will likely debut sometime this year, and fans basically have no idea what to expect when the new episodes begin to air. However, one thing that viewers do want are some answers to what lies ahead for the Gallagher relationships.

The report reveals that when fans last saw the Gallagher family, their love lives were in shambles. Fiona is single, but she was recently hooking up with a financial adviser who was also giving her some tips for earning and sustaining her money. The two may be heading towards a more serious relationship. However, the casting of Jessica Szohr as Fiona’s new lesbian best friend could mean that Fiona will find herself in a same-sex relationship during Shameless Season 8.

Meanwhile, Lip’s love life has also been a mess. He’s been bouncing around from girl to girl throughout the entire series. However, it seems that Mandy may be the one that got away in Lip’s eyes. During Season 7, Shameless fans saw the return of Mandy, but only for a short cameo. Will Mandy make a more permanent return in Season 8 to reunite with Lip?


The other Gallagher sister, Debbie, may be in the most stable relationship, and that’s not saying much. Debbie is currently raising her baby with Neil, but the father of her daughter, Derek, is expected to pop up at sometime in the near future. Derek’s family has already tried to get custody of their baby, Franny, so it seems like it is just a matter of time before Derek shows up and wants to meet his daughter.

Carl and Frank are currently wrapped up in other storylines at the moment, but their relationship statuses can change at the drop of a hat. As Shameless fans know, both Frank and Carl love the ladies, but Carl has turned over a new leaf and is focusing on military school. Meanwhile, Frank is mourning the loss of Monica, the love of his life, and he’s always loved drugs and alcohol more than anything else, so relationships don’t mean much to him.


Of course, it is Ian Gallagher who has the most vivid love life. During the final episodes of Shameless Season 7, Mickey had escaped from prison and reunited with Ian. Mickey and Ian took off together and headed towards Mexico where they were planning to live together. However, Ian couldn’t bring himself to leave his newfound life now that he had a career as a paramedic and a new relationship with his transgender boyfriend, Trevor. Ian returned home, but his relationships with both Mickey and Trevor seem unresolved.

What are your thoughts on the latest Shameless Season 8 news? What relationships would you like to see this season?

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