Joseph Duggar And Brother Jedidah Reportedly Feuded Over Kendra Caldwell

The Inquisitr previously reported that Kendra Caldwell originally was introduced to her fiancé, Joseph Duggar, by dating his brother Jedidah. However, it has been revealed that the boys actually had a short feud over the blonde beauty before Joseph and Kendra became a couple.

Although Joseph Duggar and Kendra announced their courtship at the beginning of March and their engagement at Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding at the end of May, it appears there has been some bad blood between the brothers in America’s favorite super-sized family.

Kendra Caldwell originally found her way into the Duggar family by dating 18-year-old Jedidiah, but according to an anonymous source, Joseph “bumped out” his brother during the beginning of their relationship before it got too serious.

It is unclear if Kendra and Jedidiah were “officially courting,” which is the Duggar way of saying dating with the intention to get married, or were simply just getting to know each other before Joseph wormed his way into Kendra’s heart.

The unnamed source said that the brothers had a period of severe tension between each other, which of course, is not depicted on any of the Duggar TV shows in order to continue their portrayal of a happy family.

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Reports say that the pair smoothed over their relationship after this period of discord, and Jedidiah sent Joseph Duggar a letter telling him he gave him his stamp of approval for dating his ex. The pair seems ridiculously happy, as they have set a wedding date for October and are now busy with their registry.

The Hollywood Gossip has theorized that is possible Kendra was forced to switch her affections to Joseph simply because he is older and the family lives in with inherently patriarchal values. However, if that were the case, it is likely Kendra would have been asked to date John David, the oldest unmarried Duggar brother. Likewise, the Duggar girls have not married in their age order.

It is unclear if Joseph Duggar will continue the wedding tradition of including his brothers as groomsmen, though it might be a tiny bit awkward if he has Jedidiah looking on as he marries the girl that was with him first.

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