Latest ‘Overwatch’ Lore Sets Up The Release Of Akande Ogundimu, Better Known As Doomfist

In-game lore behind Overwatch characters is sparse with environments and banter providing most of the background information on the game’s heroes. Before the release of a new map or hero, though, Blizzard Entertainment provides new material for upcoming content outside of the game. With the latest content release behind them, players are looking forward to the release of a new hero.

After all, the post-content release schedule is rather reliable in its cadence. Permanent maps and heroes are alternated in their release. Between the releases of Ana, Sombra, and Orisa, three new maps were added to Overwatch as well. Eichenwalde, Oasis, and the Horizon Lunar Colony maps all released between the launch of new heroes. Now that the latest assault map is available to all, players can expect a new hero as the next major content release for the first-person shooter.

A new Times of Numbani post on the Overwatch website specifically points to the release of Doomfist within the game’s lore. The character is confirmed as being freed from prison and he is identified for the first time. The new lore post details the attack on the Numbani airport confirming Talon’s involvement in the assault. It is stated that injuries to Helix staff were consistent with those typically executed by the Talon operative Reaper.

After Ogundimu attacked the airport, the map changed in-game as well [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

The attack on Numbani resulted in the release of Akande Ogundimu from a Helix holding facility. Upon release, Ogundimu is reported to have taken the Doomfist back from the Numbani airport where he left a wake of destroyed OR-15 robots. All of this information points to the eventual addition of Doomfist as a playable character, but his release is not technically confirmed.

If Doomfist is coming to Overwatch, players will have to wait a bit longer for his release. A lore post on Orisa, the latest hero added to Overwatch, showed up about a month before her release. If the new Numbani post is in indication of Doomfist’s launch, the character is still at least a month away. Any new character will likely hit the test server before it is released as well. Right now, the Overwatch test server is home to new highlight options and saving alongside core loot box changes.

Numbani airport in shambles after Doomfist attack
Orisa is the latest character to release in Overwatch [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

As the Inquisitr reported, the latest map is now available in Overwatch. Players can visit the moon thanks to the Horizon Lunar Colony assault map. The map features low gravity areas and introduced low gravity as an option to custom Overwatch games.

[Featured Image by Overwatch]