Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Become Hipsters After Wedding, Instagram Filled With Pants, Not Baby

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo may be the coolest Duggar couple. While her sisters Jill and Jessa choose to fill their Instagram accounts with selfies and baby pictures, Jinger and her husband opt for much cooler images from their honeymoon, wedding, and day-to-day lives. The couple has perfected using filters and image editing software to give their pictures the glow they need to become popular with their fans.

It also helps that Jinger is not yet pregnant. Jill & Jessa Counting On fans have been wondering if she is withholding good news for a later season. Not having a baby around means that she gets to post much more visually interesting pictures on Instagram from her daily life. She has posted about sunsets in Laredo, an edited picture of her husband studying in the library and pictures from New York, where she said yes to the ring.

The 23-year-old Duggar has also transformed her wardrobe ever since her wedding. She wears pants much more often, and in different combinations. From time to time, she goes against her mother’s preference of skirts and chooses jeans, but other times, she layers it underneath a dress to make it more modest.

Moreover, she experiments with different hairstyles. Jessa and Jill like to keep their flowing manes curled and loose to enhance that feminine look. Jinger, on the other hand, varies it up by straightening, curling, putting it up in a side ponytail, and braiding.

While Jinger and Jeremy are enjoying their tranquil days, their hipster photos have sparked rumors about their lives. A recent photo Jinger posted about her engagement got her fans immediately wondering if she was making a baby announcement.

Check out the picture that caused pregnancy drama!

“This would honestly be a really cute pregnancy announcement idea, because it defined the early part of their relationship,” a fan named Madison Heppe commented.

Another fan wrote, “Saw your baby registry! Congrats!!”

Instead of responding to these baby rumors, the couple is going about their days in a calm and collected manner. Jinger and Jeremy are savoring the time together before the babies come, taking time to travel together to California, receive visitors in their home, observe wildlife in Texas, and golf.

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[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]