Corinne Olympios Breaks Social Media Silence To Post Fourth Of July Selfie

Corinne Olympios, the Bachelor villainess at the heart of a sexual misconduct scandal surrounding the production of the spinoff show, Bachelor in Paradise, has posted on social media after nearly a month of radio silence (so to speak).

As The Hollywood Gossip reports, Corinne has been at the center of a salacious scandal involving alleged sexual assault, definitely too much drinking, and a two-week halt in production of The Bachelor in Paradise. What happened is still not fully clear, even after an official investigation by ABC. However, it appears that on June 4, Corinne and fellow contestant DeMario Jackson had a few too many “adult beverages” at a pool party. At one point they started getting rather “handsy” with each other; from there, things escalated until they were stopped by a producer just short of having sexual intercourse.

The problem was that, since Corinne was pretty well hammered, she was believed to be too intoxicated to give consent. That could, conceivably, have left DeMario facing rape charges and put the producers facing a bunch of legal headaches. Production was stopped, an investigation was launched, and after finding that nothing untoward happened, production was allowed to resume.

Corinne, for her part, has given contradictory statements about what happened. Initially, she tried to play herself off as something of a victim; as The Hollywood Gossip reported last week, her attorney hinted that criminal charges might be forthcoming. However, it appears that that was just so much bluster, as she later indicated that she’s as responsible for what happened that day as DeMario. She did, however, decline to return to production.

Throughout it wall, Corinne has been silent on social media. That is, until Tuesday. She posted the following selfie on Instagram in honor of the 4th of July.


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She also posted a photo on Snapchat.

You’ll notice that neither of Corinne’s social media posts mentioned Bachelor in Paradise or her recent sexual assault scandal. It may be that her lawyers have told her to keep quiet because there may yet be legal action. Alternatively, it may be that she simply wants to put the matter behind her.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Photo]