Fleetwood Mac Reloading ‘Rumours’ For 35th Anniversary Ahead Of New Tour

Get ready for Rumours reloaded. Fleetwood Mac may not be putting out new songs to launch their highly anticipated 2013 tour, but they are doing the next best thing.

The legendary soft rock-folk troubadours will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Rumours – the album that both documented a seminal time of their lives but also changed them — by releasing deluxe and expanded editions of their most classic and commercially successful set.

According to Rolling Stone, the three-disc expanded edition will include:

“The original album, a dozen unreleased live recordings from the group’s 1977 world tour and a disc of unreleased takes from recording sessions for Rumours.”

If that sounds great, the deluxe version sounds like it will top it.

That deluxe edition will pack in everything that’s on the expanded version but will also include a disc of outtakes, a DVD of the infamous 1977 documentary The Rosebud Film, and a vinyl copy of the album.

The expanded edition will retail at $24,98, the deluxe rises to $99.98.

First released in 1977, Rumours has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. The repackaged editions will launch on January 29, ahead of Fleetwood Mac’s 2013 tour.

The tour itself kicks off on April 4 in Columbus, Ohio, and it will be the band’s first time out since their 2009 reunion.

Announced at the beginning of December, front-woman Stevie Nicks toldRolling Stone:

“If everything goes will we’ll be in Europe doing festivals this summer. Then we’ll actually tour Europe, which is different than just doing festivals. Then we might do fifteen or so shows in Australia.”

Typically upfront, she promised,

“It’s the perfect time to go back out. 2013 is going to be the year of Fleetwood Mac.”

Rumor has it she’s probably not wrong.