JAY-Z Isn’t Worried About ‘Pesky Fly’ Kanye As West Hits Back In Their Streaming Feud

JAY-Z isn’t concerned about his ongoing feud with Kanye West, especially now that he has twins to raise. An inside source told Hollywood Life that JAY-Z is solely focused on parenting with Beyonce and isn’t worried about West’s “pesky fly” actions.

“JAY-Z has all his attention on being a father, being a husband, and watching the success of his new album flourish,” the insider shared. “All Kanye is to him right now is like dealing with a pesky fly that flies into your food. It’s flying around and you just want to get away from it and enjoy your meal.”

Things have been tense between JAY-Z and West after Kim Kardashian’s trip from Paris. Their feud started to cool down until JAY-Z unleashed his newest album, 4:44, last week, which included a diss song aimed directly at West. To make the situation worse, West departed from JAY-Z’s streaming service days after the album dropped. How did JAY-Z take the move?

“This latest decree or whatever it is that Kanye wants to leave Tidal will all be sorted out by lawyers,” the insider added. “JAY will avoid all nonsense that Kanye often brings, and will not listen to his whining. JAY has more important things to worry about.”


JAY-Z and Beyonce announced the birth of their twins in late June and have had their hands full ever since. Not only is JAY-Z responsible for diaper duty, but Rumi and Sir had a few complications during their birth. While West is busy mounting an answer to JAY-Z’s diss track, the rapper is concentrating on being a father.

According to TMZ, West ultimately left Tidal over money troubles. West currently claims that Tidal owes him over $3 million and is planning to take the company to court if they don’t pay up. The beef between West and Tidal actually predates JAY-Z’s latest album and is one possible reason the rapper decided to slam West on the track.

West believes Tidal owes him for bringing in new subscribers after he released The Life of Pablo. He also says the company failed to reimburse him for a few music videos he produced. On the other hand, Tidal sources claim that West never gave them any videos so they didn’t feel the need to pay him. In fact, Tidal plans on countersuing West if things go to court.

Kanye West splits with Tidal
NEW YORK - AUGUST 22: Rappers Jay Z (L) and Kanye West perform onstage during Screamfest '07 at Madison Square Garden on August 22, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Although the drama is heating up, Hollywood Life reports that West looked happier than ever during a party for the 4th of July weekend. The rapper held a BBQ at his home and was surrounded by family and friends. Kardashian even posted a few videos from the party, and it sounds like everyone had a blast.

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