‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: July 5 Episode Packs A Punch, Cast In Turmoil

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that the July 5 episode is going to be a good one. On Wednesday, CBS will finally reveal what took place at the Veto Competition and the resulting Veto Ceremony. There are a few twists that should make it really exciting.

Big Brother 19 spoilers included here are the names of the four nominees for eviction this past week, who won the Veto Competition, and what that houseguest decided to do with the Power of Veto. That, along with what took place leading up to and including the Veto Ceremony, is what will be showcased during the July 5 episode.

On the Big Brother live feeds, subscribers have seen a lot of action play out over the past six or seven days. That information can still be viewed after the fact by those who have signed up for the application.

So what will all of these Big Brother 19 spoilers provide for fans on Wednesday night? The fourth episode of the season will pick up following Paul Abrahamian getting the Pendant of Protection and Alex Ow becoming the replacement nominee for Megan Lowder. Megan chose to self-evict and then Head of Household Cody Nickson had to replace her on the block. Alex was shocked by this news but had a plan in mind.

Over the weekend, more Big Brother 19 spoilers came out over the live feeds, including the first Veto Results of the Summer. Alex Ow won the Power of Veto, giving her a shot to save herself from the block. Alex then discussed a plan with Cody to shake up the game. It was at the Veto Ceremony where everything may have shifted for several houseguests.

In some Big Brother 19 spoilers that may prove more shocking than Megan Lowder self-evicting, HOH Cody Nickson made a bold move at the Veto Ceremony. Cody nominated Paul Abrahamian to replace Alex Ow on the block after she decided to save herself with the Power of Veto. This would have placed Paul on the block next to Jillian Parker.

Referencing the prior Big Brother 19 spoilers, where Paul Abrahamian got the Pendant of Protection, he became immune from getting nominated or evicted for the first three weeks. When Cody called out his name, Paul produced the pendant, keeping himself off the block.

Paul didn’t want to reveal he had the power, but Cody forced his hand. It was then that Cody went with his backup plan and nominated Christmas Abbott for eviction. Christmas was not pleased about this decision and told everyone in the house who would listen. The July 5 episode will likely end, though, with the announcer dramatically asking the CBS audience whether it will be Jillian Parker or Christmas Abbott leaving the house during the live Eviction Ceremony on July 6.

The next Big Brother 19 episode is Wednesday night (July 5) at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

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