‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 543: Natsu Unleashes New Attack? Lucy Casts Fairy Sphere But Will It Be Effective?

The manga’s non-stop action is expected to continue in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 543. With only four chapters left before the hit manga series by Hiro Mashima ends, something has to happen that should tip the balance of power on Fairy Tail’s favor.

At the moment though, everything appears bleak. In Fairy Tail Chapter 542, which is already available online on some sites such as Manga Stream, everyone in Magnolia was busy trying to put together Lucy’s plan to trap Acnologia using Fairy Sphere. Filled with a new hope that they might have a shot at defeating or at least sealing the Black Dragon, everyone did their part no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. However, it now appears that all their preparations are in vain.

While it was not explained in detail, Lucy’s plan seemed to rely on Acnologia getting seasick – a weakness among Dragon Slayers – probably as a distraction before that she casts the Fairy Sphere. Thus, she asked Erza and Jellal to look for the biggest ship they could find while the rest, led by Minerva, was tasked to find a way to lure the Black Dragon into the area.

However, the team needs to come up with another plan in the Fairy Tail Chapter 543, one that does not involve in trying to make Acnologia seasick by making him ride a ship. While it might have been amusing to see how they could have managed to convince the Black Dragon to come along for a ride, that option is no longer open since the Black Dragon promptly roasted every ship in sight upon arrival.

Meanwhile, Natsu’s team of Dragon Slayers trapped in the Ravines of Time is also in a bind. Acnologia effortlessly countered every attack they made. In fact, the Black Dragon merely laughed when Natsu threatened that the next round of attacks would be their “last dance.”

Will Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers come up with a new type of attack in Fairy Tail Chapter 543? It could be their only hope considering that their previous attacks did not even scratch Acnologia. Also, it is certainly not impossible for Natsu to come up with something new in the midst of battle. In his previous fight with Zeref, Natsu was able to cast new powerful attacks that even caught his brother off guard. However, even with a new attack, it seems that Acnologia is not even using his full power yet based on his reply to Natsu’s “last dance” comment.

“Last? We haven’t even started yet.”

Another possibility that could happen in Fairy Tail 543 is that Lucy will finally unleash Fairy Sphere in an attempt to trap Acnologia. In the recent installment, Lucy was finally able to locate the book that contains the instructions how to cast the spell. Also, the next chapter’s title “Linked Hearts” could be an allusion to the nature of the spell where the guild members’ bond and faith will be converted into the absolute barrier. However, will it even stop the absolute evil known as Acnologia?

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