Dylan O’Brien Officially Out From ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B? Stiles Possibly Reduced To Phoned-In Appearances

Dylan O’Brien may have been part of the main cast of Teen Wolf since the start but the Maze Runner: The Death Cure star might no longer appear in the last 10 episodes of the MTV series. However, Stiles Stilinski is still expected to have minor appearances in Teen Wolf Season 6B, although not necessarily in the flesh.

The first part of Teen Wolf Season 6 managed to deal with Dylan O’Brien’s absence in a cool way, somehow making Stiles a huge part of the storyline even though he wasn’t in most of the episodes. It was during this time that O’Brien was supposed to be working on the third Maze Runner film before he had an accident on the set of The Death Cure.

But will Stiles continue to stay away in Teen Wolf Season 6B? The mid-season finale already alluded to Scott McCall’s best friend heading off to George Washington University yet fans are hoping that Dylan O’Brien will still drop by to visit the pack in Beacon Hills. Now it looks like Linden Ashby, who plays Sheriff Stilinski, has confirmed that Stiles will be too busy with the pre-FBI program to travel all the way back home.

Linden Ashby shared with TVLine that Stilinski will be dealing with his son’s absence in Teen Wolf Season 6B. The actor confirmed that Stiles will continue to pester his father even though he is far away.

“Well, you know, we call each other every day and we email and text, so it’s OK.”

Linden Ashby has revealed that Stiles will not be in Beacon Hills when 'Teen Wolf' Season 6B airs. [Image by Michael Stewart/Getty Images]

Linden Ashby’s statement certainly suggests that Stiles’ appearances will either be phoned-in (with Dylan O’Brien’s voice) or possibly in the form of a framed photograph, as previously teased by a Teen Wolf crew member. Unfortunately, it looks like Tyler Posey’s Scott McCall will have to deal with a new villain without his best friend in Teen Wolf Season 6B.

'Teen Wolf' Season 6B could be the first and last time that Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) will be apart from each other. [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]

Scott has long relied on Stiles to help him figure out the supernatural cases in Beacon Hills so it is possible that the two will still be calling each other in the last 10 episodes. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that Dylan O’Brien will have an actual physical cameo in Teen Wolf Season 6B. The final season is expected to return to MTV later this summer.

[Featured Image by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images]