Dakota Johnson Worse Than Mom Melanie Griffith At Instagram, ‘Fifty Shades’ Star Lives Without Boyfriend

Dakota Johnson made news when she deleted all but one photo from her Instagram. The fact that she did not outright delete the account meant that she wanted to keep her following, but have a fresh start to her social media life. Before making this drastic move, she slowly amassed 1.7 million followers with an intimate look into her Hollywood life, hanging out with cool friends like Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift, and more.

This summer, Fifty Shades star has slowly getting back into posting on her Instagram sporadically. The posts, however, are nowhere as intimate or artsy as they have been. In fact, her latest photo is actually a snapshot of a text she has written about Planned Parenthood.

“Join the party and CALL YOUR SENATORS today and tomorrow and everyday until the right thing is done,” she wrote in the caption.

The fact of the matter is that her mom Melanie Griffith is much better at Instagram game than Dakota Johnson. Not only does the 59-year-old Hollywood actress post much more regularly, but also writes more intimately about her life, letting her fans get a glimpse of who she is as a person.

Check out the post recent picture of her family she posted on Instagram!

One trait that Dakota shares with her mom is her shaky love life. Melanie Griffith has had three husbands in her life, the most recent one being Antonio Banderas, whom she divorced in 2015. Like mother like daughter, Dakota has not been able to hold down a boyfriend since Matthew Hitt, whom she split ways with before March 2016.

In fact, Dakota’s ex-boyfriend is better than she is at Instagram, showing off his cool life with famous friends like Alexa Chung.

Just because she isn’t showing her life off on Instagram does not mean that she is sitting around not doing anything! Most recently, the 27-year-old star was seen making a movie in Georgia with heavyweights like Shia LaBeouf and more.

“Dakota Johnson was photographed under an umbrella on Wednesday as she filmed her movie The Peanut Butter Falcon,” reports Daily Mail. “[It] stars Zack Gottsagen as 22-year-old Zak, who has Down syndrome and who – in hopes of going to wrestling school – flees his nursing home. He soon winds up with an outlaw played by Shia LaBeouf and the nursing home employee Dakota’s playing as travel companions.”

Still, Dakota has not been caught with a man, let alone a boyfriend, in public ever since she broke things off with Matthew Hitt. She has been busy shooting and promoting Fifty Shades for a good part of 2017 so it is likely that she is concentrating on her film career.

Her mom Melanie Griffith is also getting new gigs, though she is no longer in her twenties. Laguna Playhouse recently announced that the Oscar-nominated actress will play the role of Mrs. Robinson in their next production of The Graduate in the 2017-18 season.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]