July 5, 2017
'Criminal Minds' Star Matthew Gray Gubler's New 68 Kill Film Scores High With Rotten Tomatoes

Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler and his costar AnnaLynne McCord have won over critics with the dark comedy 68 Kill. The Trent Haage film, from Snowfort Pictures and Alliance Media Partners, got four out of four fresh tomatoes from Rotten Tomatoes.

68 Kill, a very dark romantic comedy based on a novel by Brent Smith also stars AnnaLynne McCord. The plot of 68 Kill has a lot of unexpected twists and turns that deliver a lot of surprises according to Variety.

68 Kill has already earned the SXSW 2017 Midnight Audience Award, and Rotten Tomatoes critics report they are likewise impressed.

Matthew Gray Gubler has long displayed his acting talents in Criminal Minds, but as further testimony to his skills as an actor, here is what these Rotten Tomatoes critics have to say.

In high praise of 68 Kill, Heather Wixson gave her cleverly phrased evaluation.

"There's no denying that 68 Kill is still a wickedly fun heist movie that subverts genre fan's expectations by playing around with gender conventions, delivering several impressive storytelling swerves that genuinely kept me guessing up until the very end."
Matthew Gray Gubler who portrays Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds on CBS has all fresh tomatoes with his new film 68 Kill. So far there isn't a rotten review from a single one of the Rotten Tomatoes crew of usually tough critics. The 68 Kill audience score reflects strong approval as well, as 90 percent "liked it."
68 Kill has only been reviewed by four Rotten Tomatoes critics, but so far the Criminal Minds star is batting a thousand with those critics. Here is another fresh tomato for Matthew Gray Gubler, costar AnnaLynne McCord, and 68 Kill screenwriter Trent Haaga from Richard Whittaker.
"Sleazy, skeezy, and delightfully breezy, what 68 Kill lacks in earnest observation and character depth, it makes up for in lurid insanity."
Rotten Tomatoes reviewer Matt Donato gives 68 Kill with Matthew Gray Gubler and AnnaLynne McCord perhaps the greatest compliment of all. Mr. Donato compares 68 Kill to a Quentin Tarantino film.
"68 Kill feels like a short Tarantino story; a bloody late-nighter that features an unstoppable genre role for AnnaLynne McCord."
AnnaLynne McCord stars in 68 Kill
AnnaLynne McCord stars in 68 Kill [Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]

Matthew Gray Gubler's 12 years run on Criminal Minds has showcased Matthew's many talents throughout, but the Season 12 of Criminal Minds has really put Gubler through his acting paces. Matthew Gray has been featured in the two major story arcs of Season 12.

Matthew Gray Gubler's character Spencer Reid has cared for his mentally ill mother early in Criminal Minds Season 12. Then he was framed for murder and thrown in prison.

It has been a tough year for Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds, but the practice has apparently paid off for Matthew Gray Gubler. The film 68 Kill, has won over the Rotten Tomatoes critics.

68 Kill is a dark romantic comedy in which Matthew Gray Gubler's character Chip suffers immeasurably, much like Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds Season 12. Chip is a haplessly abused and henpecked lover of a girl named Liza who ropes Gubler into a $68,000 heist according to Variety.

Matthew Gray Gubler is head over heals for Liza, portrayed by AnnaLynne McCord and in over his head with the crime, which quickly becomes exponentially more complicated than the initial plan.

Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds at Sundance Film Festival
Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds at Sundance Film Festival [Image by Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP Images]


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Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler and AnnaLynne McCord are getting rave reviews for 68 Kill, even from Rotten Tomatoes.

[Featured Image by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images]