‘Little People, Big World’s’ Audrey Roloff Is Looking Forward To Meeting Baby, Moving

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff posted a new photo on her Instagram on Monday, July 3. The mama-to-be wanted to thank her sister, her best friend, and her mom for hosting an incredible baby shower. In the post, Audrey said that she couldn’t wait to meet her new baby girl — and that she was hoping that she and Jeremy could move into their new home soon.

Audrey’s family threw the baby shower last weekend, just a couple of months ahead of her September 1 due date. She was delighted to get together with loved ones and celebrate the upcoming arrival of her little girl. She shared a couple of photos from the shower, but this new one was very special — it showed her sister and her best friend, both who will more than likely have big roles in her daughter’s life. Everyone is super excited for Audrey and Jeremy’s bundle of joy to make her grand entrance into the world, and she is getting closer and closer to doing just that!

As for Audrey and Jeremy’s new home, the couple will likely be moving in before their little girl gets here. The Daily Mail previously reported that Audrey and Jeremy purchased a $465,000 two-story, four-bedroom home in Portland, Oregon. Audrey and Jeremy have been doing some major renovations to the house including putting in new floors and remodeling the kitchen.

It sounds like the couple is waiting until the renovations are complete before moving in — which isn’t a bad idea. Being around different strong scents — like paint — can be bad for a woman who is pregnant. Not to mention, the stress of renovations can be a complete hassle to deal with. Just check out Audrey’s sweat emoji in the caption below!

Audrey and Jeremy wanted to move closer to family so that their daughter could grow up with them around. The couple’s new abode is only two miles from Jeremy’s twin brother Zach and his wife Tori’s house, and about 30 minutes from Jeremy’s family’s farm.

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[Featured Image by Instagram]