‘General Hospital’ Rumors: More Stars On The Chopping Block To Make Way For Steve Burton’s Comeback?

Steve Burton’s return to General Hospital was a big shocker. Right after the official confirmation of Burton’s return to the daytime soap, there were several rumors hinting several stars will be leaving General Hospital soon.

General Hospital has been criticized for its current storylines. Amid GH’s struggles to improve viewership, they decided to bring Steve Burton back to Port Charles. Burton, who was credited for playing Stone Cold Jason, will take on the same role as Billy Miller. Soon, there will be two Jason Morgans in Port Charles.

GH Cast Cuts

General Hospital exit rumors are not new but with several insiders dropping hints of multiple exits, fans are worried their favorite character in GH will get the boot. Rebecca Budig who plays the role of Hayden Barnes was let go. Rumors about her looming departure preceded the official news. The soap decided to break the star’s four-year contract, and the actress will be shooting her final scenes soon.

Now, there’s talk surrounding William deVry’s possible exit. Based on reports from Soap Opera Digest, the actor’s contract negotiations reached an impasse. Unless the soap decides to make a last-minute decision, it would be the end for Julexis, and the scenes deVry filmed before the summer hiatus will be his last.

Given the current circumstances, rumors suggest there will be more exits in General Hospital. Michael Easton who plays Finn might leave GH. Rumors of Easton’s departure are not new and cutting Budig out of GH might be related to the actor’s impending departure.


Aside from Easton, there are ramblings involving Michelle Stafford’s departure from General Hospital. The same goes for Anthony Montgomery who plays the role of Andre. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) might also go off screen unless GH finds a way to keep him in the soap.

Expensive Choices

Steve Burton is officially back in General Hospital, and it’s not going to be a short stint. Burton is excited over his return to the soap opera universe although many loyal GH fans are not too happy about it. General Hospital appears confident about Burton’s ability to pull the ratings back up. GH is allegedly looking for a way to afford Burton on a tight budget. As a result, rumors suggest, a series of exits is bound to happen.


Financial issues aside, some fans defend the need to let go some characters in the soap for the story to forward. While Burton’s return could be a factor on who gets cut from General Hospital, it’s worth noting contract renewals with the soap may have unexpected outcomes.

Major Overhaul


General Hospital is making major changes soon. Burton also teased more surprises in GH although he didn’t say anything about what’s going to happen next. Sam (Kelly Monaco) is slowly losing her grasp on reality, and she will see two versions of some people in her mind. Spoilers tease Sam will see two versions of Sonny and Jason. This is where Steve Burton comes in -he will be the face of Sam’s mental image of Jason.

Burton will exist in Sam’s mind but with the latest news hinting the actor will stay for a long time, writers could either drag the plot concerning Sam’s mental issue or give Burton a role in General Hospital. Billy Miller who currently plays the role of Jason Morgan was rumored to be on his way out of the soap after Burton’s comeback was revealed. The plot with two versions of Jason is quite controversial too. SoapHub’s poll reveals 62 percent of fans want Miller to continue portraying the role of Jason Morgan.

Spoilers suggest major changes will happen in General Hospital following Burton’s return and Sonny’s decision to leave the mob, and Port Charles might have a new set of residents soon.


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