‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Would Like To See Browntown Keep Going In Honor Of Ami Brown

Alaskan Bush People fans are speaking out in support of the Brown family and Browntown. With the news of Ami Brown’s terrible cancer diagnosis, Billy Brown has said that Browntown will be closed for good and family will leave Alaska.

Fans of Alaskan Bush People congregate in several fan groups on Facebook. There are some groups that seem to be there only for haters to complain, but the majority of the groups are true fans that want the best for the family. In those groups the posts of support for the family and sadness over Ami’s health are endless.

Having tuned in to watch the Alaskan Bush People for the previous six years and now seeing the story unfold in the final season, fans feel a kinship to the family. There is no way not to become attached to the Brown family after seeing their struggles and accomplishments over the years. So now it is all coming to an end.

Fans have turned to social media for an avenue to express concern and support for the Brown family. The updates of where the family is and exactly how Ami Brown is doing are sketchy, but reports say they are all in the lower 48 at this point. Alaskan Bush People fans are hoping that things turn around and Browntown will be resurrected once again. Many have posted asking that the children keep Browntown alive to honor their parents and the way of life they have sacrificed to have for so many years.

Noah had originally wanted to invite his fiance, Rhain, to join him and his family in Browntown. This led fans of the Alaskan Bush People to believe that she must be willing to live in the bush. Bam Bam had said he hoped his city girl would someday return to Alaska with him. Of course, the other Brown siblings share the same dedication to the Alaskan bush and way of life they have learned from their parents. After all, it was always Billy and Ami’s dream to instill in their children the same passion they shared for the bush lifestyle.



Do you think the Brown children will return to Browntown in the future? Would you like to see a spinoff for another show come from Alaskan Bush People? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]